22 Oct

Bollywood dance choreographer in Delhi

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Beats On Feet has the best team of verified choreographers in Delhi. They love to create new ideas and mix the soundtracks to plan new moves like you have never seen before. When you approach us for the best Bollywood dance choreographer in Delhi, you will always be delighted with the choices and experience we render you with.

These choreographers in our team know how to smoothly choreograph a move for everyone in your family. We know that you love Bollywood dance and need an occasion to perform the best foot forward. Our chosen Bollywood choreographers will help out from one shore to another.

23 Oct

couple dance choreographer in Gurgaon

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Learn to fall in love with your partner once more with the wedding choreographer hired from the Beats On Foot team. We work with such choreographers who know the intrinsic value of love, commitment, and relationship. They know the beauty of the life-long companionship said without words between couples and lovers. They know how holy and auspicious each wedding should be celebrated in India.

The dancer or the couple dance choreographer in Gurgaon we assign to your wedding will work from their heart and mind together. At Beats On Foot, you will only find trained and genuinely verified choreographers who have tremendous experience handling couple dances from Bollywood, Salsa, Punjabi, to Waltz, Ballroom dance, and other international numbers.

29 Oct

Modern Benefits Of Arranging The Best Wedding Choreographer In Delhi

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Weddings are rather auspicious in every metro city like Delhi. You can only make it unique by doing something extraordinary. It can include arranging a special event for your spouse or your family during the wedding functions in Delhi.

Hiring the best wedding choreographer in Delhi is one of those alternatives. But before arranging the same person or team, read the perks of their talent and skill below:

An Indian wedding is quite dull without adding songs that make you groove like there is no tomorrow. That is what the best wedding dance choreographer in North Delhi knows. Even when you hire a team of such choreographers, they understand what makes an Indian wedding special.

1 Jan

Wedding Choreography in Gurgaon

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The dance choreographers hired from Beats on Feet know how to prepare amazing and fantastic dance numbers for each wedding. For all your upcoming dance numbers, consult the Beats on Feet dancers. We have an amazing team. They have a passion for Bollywood, Tollywood, Punjabi, Marathi, and other regional songs.

Your search for the perfect wedding dance choreographer in Gurgaon can end at our agency. These choreographers in our team know every wedding is super special. They attend it with you like your family member

You would love the vibe and the jazz brought to all your wedding functions because of the couple dance choreographer in Gurgaon. These choreographers never let the party be dull.

5 Jan


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Isn’t a picture perfect wedding always been every couple’s dream? Especially in a place like South Delhi where everything is so grand and glamorous, where every event HAS TO be more than perfect and glorious, every passing wedding builds the tension about all the marriage elements being perfect, to the next level.

While decoration, flooding, clothing and all kinds of arrangements for different types of ceremonies are to be managed with logistical and certain specifications anyway

Now dance types in Indian weddings can be of any type: from the romantic "dedicated to the my life partner" couple dance to the emotional "ladokibidaayi" by the bride's parents

9 Jan

How to solve issues with Wedding Choreographers in Shahdara?

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Before we talk about the make-belief solutions, let us first dive into the points that one must consider before hiring or even looking out for the best wedding dance choreographers in Shahdra and other not-so-posh areas in and around Delhi:

Out of budget: Not all people can afford costly expenditure on wedding entertainments only, especially during these trying times. But that must not make anybody feel left out or out of place. After all, every marriage must have memories and moments of laughter and love that make them want to relive the moments.

12 Jan


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As we all know, almost every Indian wedding ceremony involves some dedicated music and dancing so that the spark of the wedding does not subside too soon. While the former entertainment cannot exist without the latter and vice versa, mismatched moves and music tunes also do not please the audience much. That being said, the list of requirements to impress a large audience does not end here. A fair idea of lighting, dressing style, sound, and the areal space of the stage is among other things that are necessary to continue as a wedding choreographer.

16 Jan


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There goes a saying in almost every Indian’s head for their marriage day, “Shadi ke din agar Shah Ruk ke jaise baahein fehlake nahi nache toh kya shadi, kya pyaar!” meaning love isn’t expressive enough if one doesn’t hold the bride-to-be in the arms like SRK does in DDLJ or in any other romantic Bollywood movies for that matter. Sounds funny but we Indians are serious! Inspired by Bombay and Hollywood we have Bollywood originated in India, stuck to our heads and hearts by birth.

To conclude, hiring a bollywood dance choreographer in Delhi or anywhere in India for an occasion as important as your marriage is a must. You don’t want this one day of your life to go offbeat or colorless. So if you’re in and around Delhi, stop worrying maybe and grab your phones today to hire us to serve you the very best moments, love and wishes!

19 Jan

Has it become a ritual to hire wedding choreographers in West Delhi?

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There goes a saying in almost every Indian’s head for their marriage day, “Shadi ke din agar Shah Ruk ke jaise baahein fehlake nahi nache toh kya shadi, kya pyaar!” meaning love isn’t expressive enough if one doesn’t hold the bride-to-be in the arms like SRK does in DDLJ or in any other romantic Bollywood movies for that matter. Sounds funny but we Indians are serious! Inspired by Bombay and Hollywood we have Bollywood originated in India, stuck to our heads and hearts by birth.

To conclude, hiring a bollywood dance choreographer in Delhi or anywhere in India for an occasion as important as your marriage is a must. You don’t want this one day of your life to go offbeat or colorless.

21 Jan

Tips on how to dance following “do gaz doori mask hai zaroori”?

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Oh and how wedding has always been such a major event of our lives ever since a child! In fact, for some, it’s like we know we are getting married when we grow up even before we learn to spell our names. And all those dreams about getting married? They have never been small, have they?

Remember how most of us have always had big dreams, bigger planning about our marriage; how we have had lists and plans made in our heads every time we would think of getting married someday? Well, me being someone brought up in India and having seen all the fun people have in Indian weddings, I had (and still do) lists of everything; lists of people to be invited to my wedding, list of different dresses that I am going to wear in different wedding ceremonies, lists of who would do what, lists of all the fun games people could play.....

24 Jan

The Top Three Tips to make The Best Bridal Entry in 2021!

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Bridal entries are always meant to be breathtaking, both for the groom as well as the bride. After all, both start afresh on a new journey TOGETHER! If you have a wedding coming up anytime soon, here are the top three tips that you must follow.

Nothing makes the bride feel more special than her groom making a surprising welcome-dance for a warm bridal entry. If you happen to be the ones who would ask why this is so special, my friend you surely need a romance-guide. You see, life isn’t about how many breaths we take but it’s about the happy moments that make us go breathless. The life-partner dancing and expressing all his love in front of the whole world to make her feel special is something all girls always, ALWAYS dream of. So if you are going to be the groom anytime soon, make sure you plan a beautiful, magical-mystery dance ride for your bride-to-be......

27 Jan

Seven evergreen Bollywood songs to add to your wedding playlist!

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Whether you are a citizen here or staying over in another country, whether you move your hips only on English songs or you only by-heart the Bollywood song lyrics, if you go by "Dill hai Hindustani" you already know our Indian weddings are incomplete without masaledaar Bollywood songs.

So here are the top seven and the best Bollywood wedding songs to get people dancing on your big day:

2 Feb

Brides of Noida go crazy for Manish Malhotra’s trendiest 2021 bridal lehengas!

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To be able to carry, move and dance wearing heavy Indian outfits are amazing. But to think that it’s just another easy everyday task for everyone is probably because you haven’t been the “tomboys” of the society like myself and a lot of others reading this.

So you know, being comfortable in Indian outfits such as lehengas, sarees, and mekhla chadars (and other such clothing that I’m not familiar with) wasn’t our cup of tea. But as we grow feminine and the idea of being the bride kicks in at an age, we wish to try all sorts of attires like the rest of you do...

04 Feb

You lose, you dance- Interesting wedding games and the fun punishments.

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A wedding is like a heavy yet perfect make-up essential for an event as big as your whole life. Why? Because every wedding is a life turning moment for the people involved. So, while every other thing that needs your ultimate attention, wedding games do not need any less of it these days.

And if you say wedding games, fun punishments are a must. Now, how on earth can punishments be fun? Well, it can be when punishments are of fun and the good type- where you can learn or laugh.

06 Feb

10 unique entertaining services that only Beats On Feet add to their package at crazy low prices!

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Beats On Feet, founded by Ms. Megha Bajaj in the year 2001, is a 19 year old team of extremely talented, experienced and passionate dance experts based in Dwarka West Delhi (India). They provide all in one wedding dance choreography services in and outside Delhi in a reasonable and affordable price range including musicians, event organizers or coordinators, anchors.

Prominent for their flawless professionalism and strong dedication towards their job, they also help the people by visiting their destination and carrying out the rehearsals there so that the ones already stressed do not have to spare their valuable time by going out elsewhere. From Bollywood dance to sassy salsa, you name it they make you dance on it.

9 Feb

A surprise weekend couple dance session for our parents, a beautiful gift.

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We get tips on Bollywood couple dance choreography, games for weddings almost every single day, don’t we? And not to forget, reading all the blogs so far, I realized that we sure do tend to forget how to carry out a relationship. To speak for me, I have been writing only about the wedding couples, the wedding day, the entertainment and everything; focusing just on the day of the wedding as if it almost doesn’t matter what happens after that. And how did this hit me? Well, I heard someone from the Beats On Feet team say today, “Sirf shaadi karna kaafi nahi, rishta nibhana bhi parta hai”.

11 Feb

5 Bollywood couples from Delhi are giving us new wedding choreography goals!

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Bollywood wedding celebrations are always the talk of the town. Their wedding destination is equally a matter of discussion among fans and media alike. When Bollywood celebrities host their wedding or wedding functions in Delhi, the national capital has to come under the radar as a place hosting a maximum number of Bollywood weddings of other celebs.

Apart from couples like Shahid and Mira, Saif and Kareena, a few more celebrities have also gotten married here, or have hosted their wedding reception in the city. Let us take a look at some of the Bollywood wedding celebrations that took place in Delhi.

13 Feb


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Planning your music can be one of the most fun parts of planning an Indian Wedding. It can also be one of the most daunting for couples who have never given their wedding music a second thought. Planning your wedding music is much more than simply telling the DJ your favorite songs. The best wedding music will set the tone for the moment, reflect you and your future spouse's taste, and eventually get everyone up and dancing. Music can add an air of sophistication or amp up the energy, so choosing the right music for the right moments is key to a flawless event.

15 Feb

Two best 2021 entertainment tips from the best Sangeet dance choreographers in Gurgaon

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Now now readers, I know many of you are attending a lot of weddings these days (because I am and everyone I know are). So, today’s piece has been cut to chase and here are five 2021 entertainment tips by the most prominent and the best Sangeet Dance Choreographers in Gurgaon. And that would be non-other than the Beats On Feet!

However, you must not get me wrong and panic thinking our services have been withdrawn from all other places around Delhi. They are still there so relax you know.

(Sounds like we are boasting but a little pat in the back only lifts the spirits up you know!)

17 Feb

Forever trendy Bollywood songs for a wedding couple’s big day!

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If you happen to be another Bollywood binge watcher you probably know all of these songs better than I do and a hi5 if these are the forever favorites for you too, we are sailing the same musical love boat.

Here are a few among the most beautiful Bollywood songs which are as famous as the movies they are from. And our team of the best says these songs make a beautiful song playlist for the wedding couple to dance on the best Bollywood couple dance choreography. After all, the first dance is something that always stains our memory forever, in a good way.

19 Feb

4 dance tips from Beats On Feats to prepare beginners for their Big Day

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After being out there in the field for so many years, we tend to be a little adamant on this particular point: that we are never biased about the dance tips we give out to people. And that we give our whole hearts out in attending the needs of one who isn’t a very big fan of dancing but are ready to do it anyway for their loved one or someone who wants to try it.

So, if you are from Delhi or even its outskirts and have a big day coming up; or say if your search is for “BEST WEDDING DANCE CHOREOGRAPHER NEAR ME” or “CHOREOGRAPHER IN DELHI NCR”, here are 5 dancing tips by Beats On Feet for beginners who have got to rock the stage very soon.

22 Feb

4 mistakes you should avoid in an Indian Wedding Dance

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“India is my country. All Indian are my brothers and sisters” and hence there are certain things you should keep in mind while being a part of an Indian Wedding Dance Performance. According to Beats On Feet, the best wedding dance choreographer in ........., there are four primary mistakes that you MUST AVOID in an Indian wedding dance performance.

Let’s dive into the points stated below and swear to abide by all of them : 1. Drunk dancing: The topmost wedding dance mistake that more than fifty percent of people make is blackout drunk dancing.

24 Feb

Top 3 reviews implying why we are the best wedding choreographer in delhi! | Beats Clients Review

clients review on BeatsOnfeet

Today, our little blog is for all who keep us going. Without our dearest consumers and the helping hand of some, we wouldn't have been where we are today. It might sound like a little award to self note but consider this dedicated to you who are reading this blog today. Because it's you who have made us stand out and be called the best wedding choreographer in Delhi.

Now, let's drive the tiny lane of three of the best reviews that we have received and those which have helped us have a peaceful night after sweat breaking days of hardwork

2 March 2021

Top 5 Choreographers in Delhi You Need To Check Out before your Wedding


The wedding season started now! Have you planned everything? Sangeet Night is the most enjoyable & loved night that everyone enjoyed before the wedding. All the kids, parents, Grand Parents, Uncles and Aunties no-one can stop on this function.

So Have you planned it? No? Then really? 😲 You have not planned anything!! Then what are you waiting today? Just take your mobile or laptop or down to scroll or Here you can see the best Wedding choreographer in Delhi who is in your budget and get your wedding complete today.

4 March 2021

What is the 5 Lessons to get started with the best Couple Dance Choreographer in Model Town?

best-wedding-choreographer-in- Model-Town

Learning something should never stop. To state it in a better way, we should always keep our hearts and minds open to learning something new every day. And today, the entire team of Beats On Feet would like to share five things we have learnt about dance even after being known as the best wedding dance choreographer in Model Town of Delhi.

Let us take a look into what we have learnt after being renowned choreographers of the Delhi city and associated with different types of people, teaching differentiate styles for so many years:

6 March 2021

How do I find the best wedding dance choreographer near me?

best-wedding-choreographer-in- Model-Town

Who doesn't love a big fat Indian wedding? The wedding season is here and you might be stressed thinking of all the weddings festivities you need to attend, the number of outfits you need to choose and most importantly- the right moves to practice for the dance floor.

We realize the pressure and responsibility that comes with weddings especially in the ones where you're more than just a guest- may be a relative or a close friend with the bride and groom. In that situation, you are expected to take care of all the arrangements in the wedding and pre-wedding festivities like sangeet and Mehendi.....

8 March 2021

Hire Best Wedding Choreographer in Rajouri Garden, West Delhi with best Wedding Entertainments

best-wedding-choreographer-in- Model-Town

Looking to get unlimited wedding entertainments at your wedding? A top leading Wedding entertainment company in Rajouri Garden called BeatsOnFeet is now open to provide all the wedding entertainment services at your home. You can book your sessions and services just next to your door.

Get a highly professional dance trainer & wedding entertainers and learn national or international dance styles like Bollywood, Salsa, Hip-hop, contemporary, bhangra and much more. Get your body fit and flexible with BeatsOnFeet Fitness dance classes in Dwarka, Sector 19......

10 March 2021

How do I choose the perfect wedding planner and choreographer?

wedding planner in Delhi

We know- weddings are hectic and difficult. They are the most important events of your life and the chances are- weddings are the biggest thing you will ever organize! So it takes an incredible amount of time, effort and needless to say- emotions, to plan and execute a wedding. This humongous task could always be made easy by hiring a good wedding planner. But here’s the catch- weddings aren't like other events where everything comes down to good planning and execution. There are people to consider and their expectations. We know it’s impossible to satisfy everyone in a wedding but the idea is to try our best and come close, isn't that right?

12 March 2021

make the Dance move like pro with Best Wedding choreographer in Gurgaon

wedding planner in Delhi

Indian weddings are all about fun, frolic, and full of dance. Whether it is the occasion of sangeet, Mehendi, pre-wedding bash, wedding day, or reception. The only thing you cannot miss is to dance on beats. Whether it is Bollywood, Punjabi, English, or regional songs, wedding choreography makes the event complete with everyone dancing on the dance floor.

Dancing at weddings, reception, and other occasions are the special moments that you share with your loved ones to make everlasting memories. The recent trends are such that even the bride who has never danced enters the aisle or the venue while dancing her way out....

15 March 2021

How to select the best wedding choreographer in Vasantkunj?


As the wedding season begins, every couple who are all set to tie the know starts planning in advance for their big fat Indian Wedding. It takes more than a couple of months to get everything straight from the designer wedding outfit of the bride and groom to the most exquisite venue and theme. What every couple desires are perfection to make their wedding the most memorable one, not only for the wedding couple and their families but also for the large number of guests who attend the wedding.

The wedding trends are changing, it is not just the normal family affair anymore. As the expectations of the couples and their families increase, the weddings are becoming a grain affair with a series of functions ranging from Sangeet, Haldi, Mehendi, Cocktail, Wedding, and Reception....

17 March 2021

4 dancing tips for the nervous bride and grooms in their wedding dance


Many couples become nervous when dancing in front of the guests, and feel shy too. For some, the traditional dancing at the wedding may seem like a nightmare and gives them cold feet. There are many brides and grooms who fear taking the center stage on their wedding day and are worried to shake their legs. There comes the stress, as to what will happen if they will ruin the performance or fail to meet the expectations of their partner......

21 March 2021



The wedding seasons are full of naach, gaana, and bajana. There is an endless number of Punjabi songs ranging from the era of the 60s to date that you can include in your wedding song list. However, the latest tracks are always the first choice of the youngsters who love to shake their legs at a wedding. If you are in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon or any other part of the country or anywhere in the world......

24 March 2021

How to Choose a trendy wedding dress according to your wedding dance choreographer in Delhi?


When you plan for your wedding couple dance then one there are a few things that you must keep in mind. To give a perfect and flawless performance on your wedding day, then certain tips and tricks can help you. Apart from practicing and rehearsing the dance performance with the help of the best wedding dance choreography, you need to be comfortable and select the dress that gives you the space to shake your legs and take the turns...

27 March 2021

Make your Sangeet Night full of EPIC Dance Performances with BeatsOnFeet Choreographers in Gurgaon.


Wedding functions start with music, dance, party, and a lot of thumkas. The big fat Indian Wedding begins with the Sangeet Ceremony where family members, relatives, and friends gather together to make the occasion the most memorable one. Whether you are planning a simple wedding or a high drama wedding, you require a lot of planning that takes months to make everything goes perfect on the wedding day...

26 April 2021

What are the health benefits of Online Dance Classes in Delhi?

Online Dance Classes Delhi

With the pandemic everywhere, the business is going down, not only children but also adults are accepting the online mode of conversation as well as learning. While children are engaged in online education, the others have chosen to pursue their hobbies with online classes such as painting, dancing etc. When it comes to online dance classes in Dwarka or Delhi, you can always insist on the best dance choreographers in Delhi, namely, Beats on Feet.

1. Become a pro in dance

Learn all the forms of dancing on Bollywood, Tollywood, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, and other regional songs. You can learn all the forms of dance including classical, Bollywood dance, fusion, and more...

28 April 2021


Online Dance Classes Delhi

The novel coronavirus has taken the world by storm and has changed normal life. The ''new normal'' is not normal anymore and there are a lot of precautions that one must take. Even at the time of the wedding, there are a lot of precautions that you must consider for the safety of every guest or attendee present at the event. Many choose to postpone their wedding but for some, the time never waits for 'i do'...

The event planning companies in Delhi are taking all the necessary steps for the safety of everyone at the venue. So here we are presenting a few of the safety tips that one must follow at wedding functions or at every family occasion to prevent the spread of infection by the wedding couple as well as the members of the family...

05 May 2021

Where is the best online hip-hop Dance Classes in Dwarka?

hip-hop Dance Classes in Dwarka

You are going to shocked that there are not many good institutes and dancers who will teach you the depth of Hip Hop dancing because there are all the teachers who are new joiners just learnt from institutes of home and now they have started their institute and teach the basic moves and style of Hip Hop dancing and after 2-3 the month you will be get frustrated with them and leave the classes or more.

So now we are getting the main question that "Who Providing the Best Online Hip HopDance Classes in Dwarka or Delhi?"....

01 July 2021



Something like wearing a beautiful bridal Maroon Lehenga and the heaviest set of baubles is enough for you as a bride. But out of it most of the brides also wish to get a noticeable bridal entry on her wedding day. And why not? After all, She is the Bride to be, and The most striking person in the whole wedding where all the eyes stick. It is one of the monumental moments. From the groom to the guest everyone waits eagerly, just for a small glimpse of all dressed in her bridal glory....

03 July 2021



We will soon be celebrating Raksha Bandhan and create some sweet memories along with our family, while many of us are looking forward eagerly to this event; there might be many others who might be escaping the day simply because this day poses a risk of them being sent into the brozone by their Crush. If you are one of those who are escaping Raksha Bandhan simply because they are fearful that they might get brozoned on by their Crush then you must follow these steps in order to save yourself from being brozoned:...

05 july 2021



For most people, it is hard to express their feelings in words. This is why every one of us believed that God had created flowers for this reason. These tiny little flowers can show emotions in a manner than nothing can. Flowers speak a common language of love that is known by all. For ages, flowers have been connected to every special occasion and will remain connected for years to come. They are a non-verbal miracle of saying, 'you are special.' So, when you are about to find the best gifting flowers, this guide of the best exotic flowers will come handy, so don't worry about how to show your interest in someone we have got your back....

08 july 2021



Purchasing gifts for the special women in your life is a challenging task that brings a lot of anxiety. When you look for gifts for your mom, it is understandable that you want to buy the perfect gift for her to say thank you and show your gratitude towards her. If there is your sister, you need to delight her with some adorable gifts on her birthday. When you want to surprise your wife or girlfriend, you need to plan some romantic gifts to show your heartfelt emotions. You always want to delight the special ladies in your life with the best gifts that make them feel loved. Gift selection also takes time to showcase your immense feelings from the heart. If you want to relish your special woman, you can also express flowers delivery or anywhere in India. You need to buy some adorable presents by considering the particular preferences of the women.....

12 july 2021



When it comes to surprising a lady on her birthday, it's better to look outside the box. This would let you impress her and meet your gifting obligation. It could be a homemade present or one purchased online, but it must meet the requirements. Everything from stunning flowers and gifts to thinking about and enjoying it every day is included. Do you have any ideas for the ideal gift to give her on her birthday? Continue with some helpful suggestions for selecting the greatest Gifts For Girls and impressing them......

15 july 2021



Fashion can seem easy and simple, but it takes a lot of effort in styling an outfit that can go well with your personality. The color you chose, the fabric you decide on, or the piece of accessory that you carry with yourself, makes a huge difference in your look. Poorly designed or ill-fitted clothes can make you look weird and can ultimately change the way people look at you. So, it becomes very crucial that you choose an attire that can grab eyeballs wherever you go. In the fashion world, even a simple piece of clothing can do wonders and can make you look stunning......

18 july 2021



We're frequently asked where to get environmentally friendly wedding gowns, and to be honest, it's a difficult topic. There is no universally agreed-upon definition for sustainable fashion, which makes things difficult - there are many factors to consider, such as the fabric of the garment, its carbon footprint, how much the garment factory worker was paid to produce it, and where it will end up once you've worn it! The good news is that wedding gowns offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make environmentally responsible, ethical, and sustainable choices while looking gorgeous!.....

20 july 2021



Having the Best Camera for Wedding Photography can give you some amazing memories. Whether you're trying to capture real life or create a new reality, anything is possible in the cinema. True or fictional, a rule of thumb is that the audience is confident enough to participate emotionally. What makes the film so powerful is the connection between audio and video. What the audience sees and hears determines their emotions. Measure the success of your movie based on the best budget DSLRs for cinema......

22 july 2021


Wedding Choreographer in Janakpuri

The delicacy and purity of flowers never lead one to believe differently. Flowers' fragrant appearance makes us feel rejuvenated, yet their toxicity is often overlooked. While it may appear unusual, certain poisonous blooms can pose a serious threat to people. Blooms are connected with romance and festivals, but in some regions of the world, particular flowers can be life-threatening So, let us introduce you to a few blooms that don't contain neurotoxins but do release a strong odour that will alert you to their presence...

24 july 2021

Best Indian wedding ideas by Dance Choreographer Near Me

Dance Choreographer Near Me

Indian weddings have one primary intention to create a memorable experience for the couple in addition to their families, with the aid of focusing on as much opulence as feasible. This business enterprise possibility in India, the UK, and extraordinary locations around the arena desires to be crammed to rejoice Indian weddings via a supportive industry. The most memorable day within the existence of any man or woman is their bridal ceremony day. Nearly every decided character in India desires a massive fat Indian wedding for his or her little youngsters thinking about the truth that they're young...

26 july 2021


Dance Choreographer Near Me

As a photographer, I know that the best camera is the one you have with you. But what if your budget only allows for purchasing Best Camera Under 1000? Read on to find out which features should be taken into consideration when choosing one and how to avoid buying the Best Camera Under 1000....

4 August 2021


Dance Choreographer Near Me

There are so many details to look into when it comes to planning a wedding function. The decorations, the venues, color and themes, guest list, etc, and of course! The wedding dresses. This is one element but is the biggest task on one’s to-do list....

25 August 2021


Fairytale Destinations For Wedding

You’re not a lot on the planet if you’re dreaming fairytale destination for a wedding. We got the best destinations that have been opted for last year by many famous couples. We have gathered the best fairytale destinations for the wedding ceremony from all over the world. Whether it is organized on the beach, architecture, mountains, or the opened desert. So without any further ado, here’s the best ultimate list of them that we have put together for you.....

26 August 2021


Wedding Planning

How To Find a Wedding Planner For most men the proposal is the biggest event in their lives. They have the nerves leading up to popping the question, the quest of shopping for the perfect ring, and the fear as to whether or not you will say yes. Everything after the proposal seems easy compared to that. You will see how to find a wedding planner that suits you perfectly and will make planning your wedding a breeze. ....

19 October 2021


Wedding Planning

In India, a wedding is not less than a festival. Gone are the days when DJs and songs on DJ boxes were a must for a fun-filled wedding ceremony. In today's day and age, instead of these passe things hiring choreographers is in trend. The main work of wedding choreographers is to teach the participants, especially during the sangeet ceremony. Parties from both the bride and groom sides take part in the dance face-off. Even the bride and groom prepare a dance skit. After all, you don’t want to mess up your moves on the dance floor!.....

25 October 2021


Wedding Planning

Every woman wants to be beautiful and beautiful on her wedding day. The large population of India has always been very fond of Bollywood actresses and their glamorous dressing styles. If you want to look like the most beautiful Indian bride performing on the stage along with the Wedding Choreographer in Lajpat Nagar on your big day, then a little bit of Bollywood is what you need in your wardrobe! Here are some tips that can help you dress up like an Indian princess for your brother's upcoming wedding:.....

27 October 2021

Timeless Bollywood actress to follow for inspiring Bridal looks

Fairytale Destinations For Wedding

Bollywood actresses are the epitome of glamour and beauty, and brides across India use their looks as inspiration. While weddings are incomplete with the best dance choreographer near meit is the bridal outfit that always steals the show. We know many actresses who've often donned a saree or two for their roles, there are many Bollywood goddesses who've managed to make Western dresses look like a second skin. So who is it that you should be looking at and why on your wedding day? Read on.....

07 November 2021

The best Bollywood songs for Indian wedding dance

Best bollywood songs for Indian Wedding dance

Since the shaadi and naach-gaana season is here, it is time to match your steps with the beats of the songs with your wedding dance choreographer in Preet Vihar. One of the most nerve-racking things for an Indian wedding is dancing in front of a big audience. For brides, it's especially tough because they have to look good and perform well on the dance floor so that they can impress everybody......

13 November 2021

The Best Places for your Destination Wedding in India

wedding choreographer in Rohini

The wedding is one of the most important events in someone's life. It is a time when old friends and family come together to share in this journey with two people who are getting married. With such an important event, it is vital that you choose the perfect location for your wedding where you can also plan Bollywood wedding dance choreography....

24 November 2021

What are the Things to Keep in Mind while Planning Indian Wedding Dance Performances?

wedding choreographer in gurgaon

Planning an Indian wedding dance program is a challenging and complex task that has to be done with lots of planning and thinking. Good planning will help you avoid most mistakes that you might otherwise make. The wedding dance choreographers in Delhi have described some important points about the thing things to keep in mind while planning Indian wedding dance performances:.....

28 November 2021

Plan for your Wedding couple dance as it is the most awaited part of any Wedding

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The wedding couple Dance is a part of traditional Indian weddings. The groom and bride join together, to perform a choreographed dance that reflects their unique personalities. The wedding couple dance can be an introduction to the main events of a wedding ceremony or can be performed after the exchange of wedding vows under the guidance of the wedding choreographer in Delhi......

6 December 2021

Don’t forget these important points when planning your wedding couple dance

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When planning your Indian wedding couple dance, you'll need to take a number of things into account. Although your wedding dance choreographer in Delhi is the one who will guide you on most of the things that you must take care of for the wedding couple dance, there is certainly more than just shaking the legs and matching the steps. It takes a whole lot of time and advance planning to give the stunning couple dance performance.....

13 December 2021

What are the best colors for bridal dresses during winters?

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As you probably know, Indian brides usually choose what they will wear on their wedding day based solely on what looks good and feels comfortable to them. Regardless of the color used, all of these options will look beautiful during winter weddings. However, there are certain things to consider to keep yourself warm during the winter wedding. Moreover, give a bit of attention to the bridal outfit in case you are planning for a wedding couple dance. Feel free to mix and match different colors if you want an outfit that stands out even more.......

17 December 2021


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Katrina Kaif's wedding was one of the most talked about events of 2021. Vicky Kaushal, an up-and-coming star, married Katrina Kaif on December 9th 2021 at the Six Senses Fort Barwara, Rajasthan. According to the wedding dance choreographers, the couple looked absolutely stunning and their wedding was the talk of the town........

23 December 2021

Wedding jewelry trends in 2022 for the lovely brides

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Wedding jewelry has become increasingly popular in the modern wedding industry. Rather than choosing between wearing her grandmother's earrings or buying some cheap costume pieces, more brides are opting for stunning new jewelry pieces that they can wear over and over again with almost any outfit........

3 January 2022

Trending dance forms for the wedding couple dance

A wedding, though one of the most important and anticipated events in any couple's life, can be quite overwhelming. With so many things to do and places to visit, sometimes you might forget all about your big day or the wedding day. And if this is not enough then planning into that one perfect number which will rock the stage for everybody takes a lot of time and effort by all those who are willing to make wedding couple dance special!........

19 January 2022

Why should you hire a wedding planner in 2022?

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Weddings in today's society are a way to not only celebrate the love and commitment between two people but also to showcase your creative ideas and your personality as well. These days, weddings have become so extravagant that they require months of planning and preparation for the grand day and the wedding couple dance. This is where wedding planners and Wedding Choreographer in Rajouri Garden come in......

24 January 2022

When and how to wear your Indian wedding dress again?

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Do still have the Indian wedding dress that you do not use anymore? You can sell it, to enrich your wardrobe with another item, but there are also other ways to wear it again. Our Wedding Choreographer in Rajouri Garden noticed that many brides have kept their wedding dress intact. So we have come up with some ideas to re-use your wedding attire......

07 January 2022

Why dance is becoming one of the leading professions in India?

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Dance has been an integral part of Indian culture since time immemorial. It is said that each and every form of dance was formulated by Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The dance form of Bharatnatyam is regarded to be the most ancient one in existence today.......

14 February 2022

Plan a small wedding during the pandemic

small wedding during the pandemic

This pandemic has killed millions globally and India is no exception. Since it has spread to almost every part of the world, there are no places that can be considered safe; people who were planning to get married during this period should reconsider their plans.......

21 February 2022

Felt like learning Bollywood dance - It would not be too difficult?

Have you ever thought of joining a Bollywood dance class but don't know where to start? Do you worry that it might get too complicated and expensive to try out different classes and teachers until you find the right one for your baby Bollywood dance journey? Are you looking for the best Bollywood Dance Choreographer Noida?......

28 Feb 2022

What makes Zumba one of the best ways to stay fit?

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Zumba is one of the best ways to stay fit because it is a total body workout. You can burn up to 500 calories in one class! In addition, Zumba is fun and motivating. You will have a blast getting your groove on while you get fit! Finally, Zumba is perfect for all fitness levels. You can start off slow and work your way up to a harder class. If you are looking for an amazing way to stay fit, Zumba is it! You can learn Zumba from a professional dance choreographer or any dance instructor who knows everything about Zumba......

07 March 2022

Who can learn Aerobics and what are its benefits

Aerobic is a group of Asian dances that are very popular in India. It has many benefits for the mind and body. Nowadays, aerobics can be learned by anyone who wants to learn it. Many people do not know what the word " aerobic " means or where it originated from. Many believe that aerobic derives from Latin, but it actually originates from Indian dance.......

30 March 2022


Zumba classes in Dwarka

The summer season is the time when we all want to enjoy the weather and have some fun. But the summer heat forces many of us to stay indoors and avoid the harsh sun rays. It is necessary to stay fit in all seasons and not to miss a healthy living schedule. Summer is the time when we need to take extra care of our health and fitness........

4 April 2022


aerobic and zumba classes

Aerobic exercise is any type of physical activity that requires the use of large muscle groups and causes the body to use more oxygen than it would at rest. This increased demand for oxygen can improve heart health, lung function, endurance, and overall energy levels. Aerobic exercise can be done in short bursts or sustained over a longer period of time......

11 April 2022

What should children do during summer vacations?

Summer vacations are the best time when the kids enjoy a lot of activities while sitting at home. Now that the schools have opened and the summer vacations are ahead, there are many things that parents may want their children to do instead of letting the kids sit in front of a TV, Laptop and mobile.....

25 April 2022


Zumba & Aerobic Classes in Dwarka

The hot Indian summers can be pretty harsh, especially in May and June when the temperatures soar. If you're not used to the heat, it can be tough to adjust and stay cool How to stay cool and fit in the hot summers of May and June in Delhi/NCR Here are some tips suggested by the Aerobic & Zumba dance trainer on how to stay cool and fit during the hot Indian summers:...

2 May 2022


wedding choreographer in Delhi, India

Before booking a wedding dance choreographer in Delhi, it is important to ask yourself a few key questions. These questions will help you evaluate whether the particular choreographer has the experience and expertise needed to create an amazing and memorable dance routine for your big day.......

09 May 2022

Be careful when planning weddings in the summers

wedding planning in summer

Summer is the harshest time for North Indian weddings, with June, July, and August being the most popular months to tie the knot. If you're planning a summer wedding, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your big day goes off without a hitch........

15 May 2022


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The first and foremost thing you need to do is to get rid of all the inhibitions and apprehensions that you have in your mind about dancing. Just because you cannot dance like a professional or follow some complicated steps, it does not mean you cannot enjoy this wonderful art form. Remember, there is no right or wrong way of dancing; it is all about having fun and expressing yourself through movements as suggested by a Wedding Choreographer in Saket.......

30 May 2022



Weddings in India are a grand affair, with plenty of music, dance, and festivities. If you're not used to all the hoopla, it can be a bit overwhelming. However, if you know some basic wedding Dances Classes Delhi, you can join in on the fun and even impress your friends and family........

06 June 2022



When you are in the process of wedding planning, one of the most important decisions you will make is choosing your Wedding Planning Company in Delhi. This individual will be responsible for helping you to bring your vision to life and ensuring that your big day runs smoothly.........

18 July 2022


A wedding couple dance is a very special moment for couples. It is a time when they can share a slow dance together and feel the closeness and love between them. But how long does it take to learn a wedding dance?.........

1 Aug 2022



Dance is one of the most popular forms of expression and entertainment in India. From Bollywood dance to religious festivals, dance is an integral part of Indian culture. If you're looking to get started in dance classes in Delhi, here are pro tips to help you make the most of your first class:.....

1 Sep 2022


A couple of wedding dances in India are a cultural tradition that has been practiced for centuries. It is a special moment during the wedding ceremony when the bride and groom share a dance together. The couple's wedding dance is often seen as a symbol of their love and commitment to each other. It is also said to bring good luck to the newlyweds......

5 Sep 2022


lose weight and stay fit

Losing weight and staying fit requires a lot of dedication and hard work. However, with the right exercises, it is possible to lose weight and stay fit. With so many ways to lose weight, it is not easy to stay slim and fit. However, a professional dance choreographer in Delhi has come up with some suggestive exercises that will make the task easy......

12 Sep 2022


Bridal Lehenga

When it comes to Indian weddings, the bride usually wears a beautiful lehenga. A lehenga is a three-piece skirt that consists of a choli (blouse), a dupatta (scarf), and a lehenga (skirt). It is traditionally worn by women on special occasions, such as weddings and festivals........

12 Sep 2022


Groom Entry Songs

When it comes to your wedding day, you want everything to be perfect. But often, one of the most overlooked aspects is the music. Sure, you might have a great playlist for the reception, but what about when you as a Groom make your grand entrance? Your wedding entry song is a crucial part of making a great first impression, so let the professional wedding choreographer in Delhi do the job for you. It should be upbeat and stylish, while also reflecting your personality as a couple. If you're looking for some inspiration, here are the best groom entry songs for Grooms!........

26 Sep 2022


Wedding Planner

When it comes to wedding planners, there are a lot of factors that you need to take into account. From the venue and catering to the flowers and decorations, every detail needs to be carefully considered. And if you're planning a destination wedding in India, the task can seem even more daunting........

7 Oct 2022

Best Bollywood Songs for your Mehndi function

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The mehndi ceremony is looked forward to by almost all brides-to-be. It's a significant ritual, marking the beginning of a new relationship. Because there must be music and plenty of wedding dance choreographers at the end of any wedding, it is especially enjoyable because no event is complete without music and dancing........

17 Jan 2023


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When it comes to wedding planning, choosing the Right Wedding Dance Choreographer is essential. However, with so many options available in Delhi, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Here are some tips to help you choose the right dance choreographer for your wedding.........