Top 5 Lovely Flowers to Give to Your Loved Ones on Wedding!!

For most people, it is hard to express their feelings in words. This is why every one of us believed that God had created flowers for this reason. These tiny little flowers can show emotions in a manner than nothing can. Flowers speak a common language of love that is known by all. For ages, flowers have been connected to every special occasion and will remain connected for years to come. They are a non-verbal miracle of saying, 'you are special.' So, when you are about to find the best gifting flowers, this guide of the best exotic flowers will come handy, so don't worry about how to show your interest in someone we have got your back.

In this article, we will help you in understanding which flower you should buy to give your special someone. We have picked the right flower that you can easily find at any local flower shop as well as with online flower delivery. It doesn't require any special skill to pick the right flower for someone, nor does it put a heavy load on your pocket. All you need is the proper ideas of flowers with a little bit of research from the heart. Here are some best-chosen flowers that will support you, expressing your love to your dear ones.


Gerberas are one of the popular tropical flowers with bright colors and beautiful looking petals. The flower is small and light-weighted compared to other flowers. Gerberas are often used on several occasions like birthday, anniversaries in various forms. A lovely bouquet created with gerberas flowers looks beautiful and displays your love to your dear ones. Gerberas flowers are available in purple, pink, yellow, and white. These flowers last for about an average of six weeks after being cut. Therefore, they make an excellent gift for every occasion.


This flower is often used in weddings. Lily has a long stem and cool colors ranging from orange, purple, yellow, and pink. This attractive flower is given as a symbol of love, beauty, and care. Now various online stores provide lilies in various arrangements like a bouquet, basket, or as a bunch with same day flower delivery. So, you can even please your dear ones who are far from you. Lily is delicate and easy to maintain, so buy them and decorate your every occasion with these lovely flowers.


Rose makes a beautiful gift as well as painting flowers. This flower is wonderful, and it looks beautiful in every aspect, no matter if it is a bunch or bouquet, making them the best flowers for decoration on any occasion or for gifting purpose. They are one of the most outstanding blooms which are also available with online rose delivery. Roses can be designed and formed in many ways, and they can be set up in several arrangements like in basket, pot, and a glass vase, which will help you to offer this lovely flower to your dear ones in the best way.

Morning Glory:

Morning glory is an annual flower that has heart-shaped leaves and horn-shaped flowers. It blooms regularly from early summer to the early fall season. This flower is unique and special for each couple. Morning Glory, the flower is not only one of the loveliest flowers; it is also distinct due to the unique color. These pretty flowers appear in various colors of white, red, blue, purple, and yellow. It has been aptly named as the Morning Glory as it blooms in the morning, absorbs the sunshine, and fades by the afternoon.


Peonies are the symbol of good luck and happiness. It was the Greeks who named these flowers after their God Paeon. Available in several shades of red, white, and yellow, a bouquet full of these flowers is an ultimate symbol of love and prosperity. The peony flower is in great demand on occasions like flowers day and valentine due to beautiful looks and alluring fragrance. It is believed that peonies hold secret magic with which anyone can make the receiver happy. Chinese people believed that the moon goddess created peony. So, next time you see this flower pick it right away! You can have these in various arrangements by ordering flower bouquets online and sending flowers to mumbai.

So, these are the five best flowers that you can give to your dear ones. You can pick these flowers on several occasions to convey your special feelings.