A surprise weekend couple dance session for our parents, a beautiful gift.

Ankita Singha | Kliff Technologies | 4,800 views

We get tips on Bollywood couple dance choreography, games for weddings almost every single day, don’t we? And not to forget, reading all the blogs so far, I realized that we sure do tend to forget how to carry out a relationship. To speak for me, I have been writing only about the wedding couples, the wedding day, the entertainment and everything; focusing just on the day of the wedding as if it almost doesn’t matter what happens after that. And how did this hit me? Well, I heard someone from the Beats On Feet team say today, “Sirf shaadi karna kaafi nahi, rishta nibhana bhi parta hai”.

Meaning, more than marrying a person, it is important to carry out the relationship every day, every moment of your life. It’s a commitment that certainly asks you to “love” someone for a lifetime.

You see, in the city that we are based in, Delhi is like a watch put on fast forward that never stops, not even for a moment. And here, in the midst of being the corporate slaves of the age and bossing around others carrying all the responsibilities up our shoulders, romance and memories often tend to fade away. So Beats On Feet, the best couple dance choreographer in Pitampura has come up with a beautiful idea, and heart-melting dancing tips and events to recreate the memories left behind, to relive the moments of your first touch, first dance together, or perhaps that of our aging parents or grandparents’.

To think of it from the shoes of our parents, isn’t it brilliant how memories and feelings rush down our blood as we read and pen down these things? And how there are butterflies setting their feet on our stomachs again only to leave and isn’t there’s this tiny needle pounding your heart as you miss all those days? Never forget, you seek what seeks you. Remember, your partner’s hand would love to feel the spark again as you seek to relive the memories for one more time and then again and again and again.

Arrange a weekend surprise couple dance choreography lessons for your busy parents. I don’t know about you but it breaks my heart to watch Johnny and Moira in Schitt’s Creek. For the love between the two is exactly the kind of love and relationship I wish my parents to have. In raising us, the kids, and saving up all that they have to, it feels like our parents lose touch with each other. They might sleep together but never get the time to actually relive their times of wild love and beautiful memories. Don’t you think? So I believe, planning a weekend surprise couple dance for your parents/ grandparents or any other couple you would like to fall in love with again. Trust me there isn’t anything more romantic than a nervous and awkward turned into romantic couple dance put together after a long time.

So, if you’re searching for Wedding Dance Choreographer in Pitampura, or anywhere in Delhi, you know your go to choreography team. And don’t worry about the planning and implementation of your big day. Our team will take care of every bit of it.