Wedding jewelry trends in 2022 for the lovely brides

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Wedding jewelry has become increasingly popular in the modern wedding industry. Rather than choosing between wearing her grandmother's earrings or buying some cheap costume pieces, more brides are opting for stunning new jewelry pieces that they can wear over and over again with almost any outfit.

If you're looking to buy new wedding jewelry in 2022 but aren't sure where to start, you've come to the right place. As Wedding Choreographers in Paschim Vihar, we ended up meeting with a renowned jewelry designer based in Delhi. During the discussions, he told us everything from choosing the perfect wedding jewelry look for your theme and colors to their suitability as heirlooms, making this one of our top articles on wedding jewelry trends!

Modern wedding jewelry for Indian weddings is a statement in itself even before you get to the sangeet, reception, or wedding events. Wedding jewelry is a great way for brides to create a look that's unique.

As told to theWedding Dance Choreographer, in this article, we'll take a detailed look at recent Indian wedding jewelry trends and give our top tips on how to make the most of your wedding jewelry - whether you're buying it now or receiving it as a gift.

Planning for the future

One of the best ways to make sure your wedding jewelry is an investment rather than just something pretty to look at is to plan ahead. While there are some pieces that are obviously gold made, many of the most gorgeous weddings jewelry pieces can be worn again and with practically anything so you get your money's worth.

Pick pieces that have multiple uses

Wedding jewelry isn't just about picking earrings and necklaces; it's about picking a look that will work for your whole wedding. Your jewelry should be suitable for the main events and any pre-wedding celebrations you're having - so if you want to wear the same earrings during both, go for it.

Gold or Silver

When choosing gold or silver, think about how much upkeep is involved. Gold jewelry requires a lot of upkeep and doesn't react to water which makes it less ideal for weddings. Silver jewelry is easier to wear but is worn down quickly by contact with skin, water, cosmetics products, or simply by oxidization. There's no right or wrong answer for this, but you should think about what your lifestyle will be like once the wedding is over.

Price Tag:

Rather than being a burden on your bank balance for months (or years) after the wedding, why not make it work for you? Some of our favorite wedding jewelry trends 2022 are versatile enough to be worn over and over again with almost any outfit - which makes them an ideal investment.

Long term investment pieces

While a lot of wedding jewelry can be worn to various occasions after the wedding, not everything is suitable. Some jewelry, even if it's modern and stunning. just isn't made for wearing after the wedding day. Traditional gold jewelry that looks almost identical to what brides wore many years ago looks perfect for traditional Indian weddings. It's also suitable for any other wedding where you want the focus of your jewelry to be on big statement pieces like necklaces and earrings.

Gold choker

Each piece of jewelry works as a standalone statement and looks stunning with the other pieces. Ideal if you want to wear your wedding jewelry again and again.

Wedding jewelry sets

Perfect for Indian weddings, where the bride might be wearing one set on the wedding day and another for the Reception. Bridal jewelry sets are great for collecting, but if you really like them you can wear them again with separate outfits. It's ideal for people who love a matching look but want to have the flexibility of wearing the set again without looking too matchy-matchy.

Unique pieces with a story to tell

While many people think jewelry needs to be expensive in order to make a statement, this isn't always true! Many modern trends of wedding jewelry in 2022 come from designers who use unique stones, Kundan, pearl, and designs in their pieces.

In conclusion, wedding jewelry trends 2022 as suggested by Sangeet Dance Choreographer in Preet Vihar can be a great way of investing in your jewelry collection. Whichever pieces you choose to wear again after the wedding, they will always remind you of this special time and make an ideal future saving too!