10 unique entertaining services that only Beats On Feet add to their package at crazy low prices!

Ankita Singha | Kliff Technologies | 3,673 views

Beats On Feet, founded by Ms. Megha Bajaj in the year 2001, is a 19 year old team of extremely talented, experienced and passionate dance experts based in Dwarka West Delhi (India). They provide all in one wedding dance choreography services in and outside Delhi in a reasonable and affordable price range including musicians, event organizers or coordinators, anchors.

Prominent for their flawless professionalism and strong dedication towards their job, they also help the people by visiting their destination and carrying out the rehearsals there so that the ones already stressed do not have to spare their valuable time by going out elsewhere. From Bollywood dance to sassy salsa, you name it they make you dance on it.

From entertaining sangeet to magnanimous entry performance for the bride & groom, they are always ready to give their best to you for any day, any ceremony, anytime and thus stand to be one of the best wedding dance choreographers in East Delhi.

1. 15 Performance: Nobody! I have heard no other wedding dance choreographer give out a set of FIFTEEN performances with everything else that has been mentioned below. Ain’t that crazy? Of course it is!

2. Dance troupe: Now providing dance troupe is really big. Like super big which gives the grand aura to your wedding day. And I bet, people remember that for a long, LONG time.

3.LED visual dance for bride:This is an interesting concept that I have seen only Beats On Feet bring up. LED visual dance by the bride would definitely be a mesmerizing sight to have!

Besides, Back fillers, Live Band, Anchor, Flower Rain Machine, Fog Machine, and Cold Fires for Event along with a complementary theme are other services added to the same package.

Who does this? I went totally nuts after looking at these many services piles up together in a single package. No wonder they are called the best wedding dance choreographer in East Delhi.

To check out more about their mind blowing services and personalized offers exclusively for you, don’t forget to contact them right away!