You lose, you dance- Interesting wedding games and the fun punishments

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A wedding is like a heavy yet perfect make-up essential for an event as big as your whole life. Why? Because every wedding is a life turning moment for the people involved. So, while every other thing that needs your ultimate attention, wedding games do not need any less of it these days. And if you say wedding games, fun punishments are a must. Now, how on earth can punishments be fun? Well, it can be when punishments are of fun and the good type- where you can learn or laugh. Here, for your big events such as the knot-tying, one of the best punishments could be dancing.

And “How’s is this a punishment for the ones who are good dancers” is a good question to pop up here. But… But…. But. It’s free entertainment either way. Both, the bad dancers and the good dancers are gonna drop us dead with their hilarious moves anyway.

Secret cost-free tip1 for the bad dancers out there (from a wise young lady): To be able to make people laugh is one of the best qualities one can possess, it’s a blessing. Comedians aren’t loved for nothing, you know. So, take it like a champ, be a loser winning heart from all over like I do hihihihi.

Secret cost-free tip2 for the bad dancers out there (from someone people call a “giant penis” while dancing): Hire the best wedding dance choreographer near you and blow everyone’s minds out, get those mouths from going ha-ha-ha to woo-hoo-hoo!

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Here are three such gaming ideas for weddings derived from

1. Who knows whom better: This is for the couples out there. Someone other than the couple should make different sets of questions for each partner. While one answers the questions, the other partner should be ready with their answers. Count the scores. Whoever loses gets to act and dance on any song selected by the winner.

. (Choose funny songs and lay down challenging dance steps for your partner.)

2. Never have I ever: Now this game gives you a fair chance to know about your partner while making others participate too because more people, more fun. Originally this was (still is) a drinking game in which players take turns asking other players about things they have not done. Other players who have done this thing respond by taking a drink. But a lot of people who are non-drinkers, have and can replace the drinking punishment with acting or a dancing one.

For instance, it’s your turn and you go Never have I “danced”. Lol. Here, you stay safe while all others who have done it would have to sip a drink and/or dance as you demand.

3.Paper dance: This makes every couple feel butterflies in their stomach and up their sleeves and there need not be any such punishments. How is this played: This game is good for any even number of participants who will have to be coupled up. Wedding dance Choreographer in Rohini have aaranged Of all the other participating couples, one couple stays off the game to control the songs playing and keep an eye on the participants. Newspapers are scattered on the floor and the couples are asked to step on the papers and dance without any part of their bodies touching the ground. The music stops after every minute and the paper is folded every time in half. Every time sone steps the ground will be out of the game and the couple who stays till the end wins the game.

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