What is the 5 Lessons to get started with the best Couple Dance Choreographer in Model Town?

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Learning something should never stop. To state it in a better way, we should always keep our hearts and minds open to learning something new every day. And today, the entire team of Beats On Feet would like to share five things we have learnt about dance even after being known as the best wedding dance choreographer in Model Town of Delhi.

Let us take a look into what we have learnt after being renowned choreographers of the Delhi city and associated with different types of people, teaching differentiate styles for so many years:

1. Learning and leadership skills are inseparable. Since not all of us are born dancers, dancing out of our mothers' wombs, learning something that you don't know much about, requires you a leader with incredible leadership skills. For instance, if you are looking for a Bollywood dance choreographer for your sister's wedding, you have to make sure that the one you choose knows all aspects of how Bollywood expressions work and know which songs selection would work for an individual or a group of family members to dedicate to the bride and her marriage life.

2. There are modern benefits of wedding dance in this era. Yes, you heard it right. People for people have become more considerate these days and that has helped many people express themselves through dance fearlessly. One real incident from one of our wedding choreography venue:

Ritika, who carries a happy-go-lucky charm with her, performed something for her sister without practice and with imperfect dance moves. She made it further ridiculous with weirder steps. No wonder she did some parts of it intentionally and the rest was due to lack of practice and learning about her performance. Nevertheless, people laughed and enjoyed it and had a very good time.

So you see, it is more about the participation that matters these days and not how good or bad it is, at least on wedding entertainment nights. People enjoy everything you do unless it is offensive or hurting anybody in any manner.

3. To dance is to let be like there is no tomorrow: Dancing tends to push you into developing a carefree attitude. Vice verse, a carefree attitude is what is going to keep dancers relaxed, concentrate more on what they are doing and what needs to change and therefore help them work better at improving dance steps and learning positively.

4. Nervousness makes you dance less: We have learnt something incredibly important from our recent sangeet choreography for a dear friend of ours. Since our friend had been too conscious about the ultimate performance, putting too much pressure on her didn't help her. Our point here is that to teach someone who is already scared of public performances, you have to be lenient and considerate while leading with the steps and moves. Likewise, the participant also needs to relax, tone down, and let the body free flow.

5. Excuses are bad for your dance steps:As you might have known by now, excuses are bad for your dance steps. Every time you get away with excuses to skip rehearsals, you start learning from scratch. That is all we have for today to tell you about. We have learnt a lot and we hope you have too. Also, if you have read it this far, go to the comments section below and tell us what bothers you and helps you the most to dance better.