The Top Three Tips to make The Best Bridal Entry in 2021!

Ankita Singha | Kliff Technologies | 6,543 views

Bridal entries are always meant to be breathtaking, both for the groom as well as the bride. After all, both start afresh on a new journey TOGETHER! If you have a wedding coming up anytime soon, here are the top three tips that you must follow:

1. Surprise dance by the groom

Nothing makes the bride feel more special than her groom making a surprising welcome-dance for a warm bridal entry. If you happen to be the ones who would ask why this is so special, my friend you surely need a romance-guide. You see, life isn’t about how many breaths we take but it’s about the happy moments that make us go breathless. The life-partner dancing and expressing all his love in front of the whole world to make her feel special is something all girls always, ALWAYS dream of. So if you are going to be the groom anytime soon, make sure you plan a beautiful, magical-mystery dance ride for your bride-to-be. Here are some extra tips from our end:

• Don’t let her know you’ve been practicing.

• Get your bros to light up the stage for you first. And until the last moment and even after you are on the stage, act like you have no idea about what’s going on whatsoever.

• Take it from somewhere in the middle of the song and start abruptly. Make sure you slay your performance right from the first step.

• Dance to her favorite song. Not only it is going to touch her heart by also her eyes, ears, and every organ. The light in her eyes and the emotional expression are worth a lifetime.

• Invite her up on the stage. Make her join you, make it more special!

Follow these step sand voila! You’re all set to be the groom of the year.

2. Surprise dance by the bride

Well well, WHY SHOULD BOYS HAVE ALL THE FUN, eh? See, the generations of the bride being all shy and quiet are far forgotten. This new age is all about the bride adding charms of the mood to her wedding by performing her heart out. Not to mention but secretly replacing water with drinks and get dancing like there’s no tomorrow stays on top of many girls these days. After all, it has always been the woman sacrificing on so many things and even today it’s the woman leaving her family while the groom having all these funs up their sleeves. So, if you are the bride-to-be, you shall set no boundaries in enjoying YOUR day.

(The heart wants what it wants by Selena Gomez plays in the background)

3. Make it all filmy with Bollywood dance

NOTHING BEATS INDIAN EXPRESSIONS THAN BOLLYWOOD, beat me! Inspite of being unusually beautiful and melodious, Bollywood songs in our national language holds the ground of piercing right through the hearts of all those who understand (Expressions made in one’s mother-tongue will always touch the deepest core of the heart). And trust me, Bollywood songs for Bollywood wedding dance just make everything about the day feel more like a movie. So? If you’re getting married or have one to attend in India, you better have a list of the most romantic songs to dance on your wedding.

What makes it better? Bollywood couple dance in Bollywood mashup, ahahah! Breath and express easy.

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