Make your Sangeet Night full of EPIC Dance Performances with BeatsOnFeet Choreographers in Gurgaon.

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Wedding functions start with music, dance, party, and a lot of thumkas. The big fat Indian Wedding begins with the Sangeet Ceremony where family members, relatives, and friends gather together to make the occasion the most memorable one. Whether you are planning a simple wedding or a high drama wedding, you require a lot of planning that takes months to make everything go perfect on the wedding day. Right from deciding the theme, venue, wedding dance choreographer, everything requires a lot of time and effort.

Traditionally, Sangeet ceremony used to be a family affair where only family members and relatives used to be a part of the function. But now the times have changed and it has become more of a day to enjoy and celebrate with family members and friends as a part of a series of extravagant wedding and reception functions. Here, is a list of things that you must consider when planning your Sangeet Ceremony celebrations.

Choose the Venue

Decide on a venue well in advance so you can do the booking as per the scheduled dates. The decision of the venue totally and directly depends upon the budget you have in mind. Accordingly, you can choose the venue that is near to your place or somewhere which is most feasible for you to go from your house.

The theme of the Sangeet Function

Nowadays, it has become a trend to select a theme for the Sangeet function. The decoration of the venue is done according to that theme only. The props, colours, flowers, decor, etc. are selected based upon the theme. From retro Bollywood to specific colour themes, there are plenty of ideas that you can think of for your sangeet ceremony.

Music Playlist

The playlist of the songs should be ready in advance to avoid last-minute embarrassments. Select your favourite songs and let the DJ know that you want these songs particularly. Select the songs from all genres, from the latest songs to 90s, and 70s, so not only you and your friends but also your aunties, uncles and grandparents get a chance to shake with the BeatsOnFeet.


As a bride or groom, you may choose to give you flawless and memorable performance with style and grace. Provided, you have done practice beforehand. But in case you are not that good with your dancing shoes then you can always select the best Sangeet Dance Choreographer in Gurgaon who can make you learn and dance like a professional.

Not only you as a couple, but such Sangeet Dance Choreographer in Noida can also help your family members shake their legs too on the beats.

BeatsOnFeet is one of the popular and leading wedding dance choreographers based in Delhi who have helped many couples dance along with their family members at several Sangeet Ceremonies, Weddings, Reception, Anniversaries and many more such family occasions. You can contact them and they will teach you how to perform beautifully without missing any step and make your Sangeet ceremony unforgettable.