Trending dance forms for the wedding couple dance

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A wedding, though one of the most important and anticipated events in any couple's life, can be quite overwhelming. With so many things to do and places to visit, sometimes you might forget all about your big day or the wedding day. And if this is not enough then planning into that one perfect number which will rock the stage for everybody takes a lot of time and effort by all those who are willing to make wedding couple dance special!

So today we take a look at some popular dance forms often chosen by brides and grooms alike.

Groom's entry: If are looking for something classical yet modern, then the best thing you could do is go for a Sufi dance. This style of dancing will definitely give everyone a glimpse into your heart and mind leading up to the big day!

Bride's entry: During this entre one can choose from either techno or fusion music. For example, if you are entering with the Sangeet ceremony on one hand and the traditional wedding on the other end, this gives an opportunity to mix traditions seamlessly without letting anyone feel left out.

Entry song: Lately there has been a rise in songs that depict the relationship between husband and wife. If this sounds like something you might want to go ahead with your Wedding couple dance Choreographer in Rajouri Garden about what you are looking for.

Formal dance: If you are looking for a blend of western and Indian then the best thing to do is go with Bollywood. This style will bring you closer to your roots as well as show off some dance moves!

Choreography: For something more close to your heart, why not try the Ballet? Well, this might sound new but if you are really passionate about it, it will for sure make everyone stand ovation. But discuss with your wedding dance choreographer beforehand.

So now you are all set with three minutes of fame that is all set up just waiting for you guys! So what is still sitting there? It's time you grab your partner and take him/her on this whirlwind ride called life and contact the best Couple Dance Choreographer in Model Town a few months before the wedding date.