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Today, our little blog is for all who keep us going. Without our dearest consumers and the helping hand of some, we wouldn't have been where we are today. It might sound like a little award to self note but consider this dedicated to you who are reading this blog today. Because it's you who have made us stand out and be called the best wedding choreographer in Delhi NCR.

Now, let's drive the tiny lane of three of the best reviews that we have received and those which have helped us have a peaceful night after sweat breaking days of hardwork.

1. Professional and humble:

Professionalism and being humble often don't go hand in hand in a field where you have to take the slashes of teaching everyone everything and keep your eyes open for anything that might go wrong. But our talented and patient choreographers of Beats On Feet have been known for being both at the same time. No matter what happens, our team never steps out of the ethics that it should hold. Here's what our dearest Akshita has to say about Beats On Feet as their Wedding choreographer in Dwarka Mor.

Akshita G


MEGHA and SAM choreographed our Sangeet couple dance and it was a great experience with them. Despite learning online, they made the process easy and customized steps as per our comfort level. Both are very sweet & professional! Good luck to you guys.(Screenshot of review)

2. Hassle-free and accommodating:

Our team has been known for it's patience and the gentleness our team holds in reaching our people. Here's a little something personalized note of gratitude and compliments from the most loveable Pratiksha.

Pratiksha Sharma


"A big shout out to MEGHA & SAM. I highly recommend them, as in such a small time, they offered the best services without any hassel. They both are very accommodating and considering as team. More so, Sam is a great teacher, soft spoken and fun person. He taught all of us well and helped us create a magical night. All our family and friends loved and appreciated their choreography. Thanks to them again."- Pratiksha Sharma rated 5stars.

pratiksha-review on wedmegood
3. We make you fall in love with us:

We assure you no complaints and no compromises in giving you our best: Hire us for once to see the magic unfold! Here's one of the reviews by our favorite, Akanksha that made our heart fill with joy. There's nothing more satisfactory for us than our people wanting us back with them. And the joy we fill to relive fun moments with them is like that of no other!

Akanksha Gautam


We hired him for general choreography and then upon loving his work, we hired him for 4 consecutive weddings in our family and can personally vouch for him! Kudos Sam!

Akanksha review on Wedmegood

Besides these, the team of Beats On Feet professionals have been prominent as the best wedding choreographer in Palam, Janakpuri and all other places of Delhi including the outskirts of the city; in Gurgaon and Noida.

So, why wait when you can hire the best people to give you the best wedding entertainment right away? Book us today and experience the joy of being taught the best moves on your wedding night!