Two best 2021 entertainment tips from the best Sangeet dance choreographers in Gurgaon

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Now now readers, I know many of you are attending a lot of weddings these days (because I am and everyone I know are). So, todayโ€™s piece has been cut to chase and here are five 2021 entertainment tips by the most prominent and the best Sangeet Dance Choreographers in Gurgaon. And that would be non-other than the Beats On Feet!

However, you must not get me wrong and panic thinking our services have been withdrawn from all other places around Delhi. They are still there so relax you know.

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(Sounds like we are boasting but a little pat in the back only lifts the spirits up you know!)

So letโ€™s dive straight into the fun tips for your wedding to attend soon:

  • 1. An updated song playlist:
  • First comes first, an updated music playlist. Nostalgia sure doesnโ€™t leave your side and our everyday songs are of course a must to be added to wed songs list. But we can never get rid of bringing in or adapting to changes either. Get your personal Wedding Choreographer in Gurgaon In addition to that, I also donโ€™t happen to be among the ones who believe that changes are always bad. In my opinion, itโ€™s important to have a taste of everything we can so that we know what suits us best and what doesnโ€™t. The best probable solution where would be a playlist of mix-matched songs of all types, inclusive of every generationโ€™s taste so that no one misses out. Just like putting a leap of faith in the partner you are forever going to be with, trying out different songs on your sangeet night shouldnโ€™t hurt. After all, what could possibly go wrong on your announcement night of the most auspicious event of life?

  • 2. Games and punishments:
  • As we have already discussed how important wedding games are, our talented and fun loving team members suggest more and more additions of games to your sangeet night. But the most thoughtful and important remark they have made is that, instead of putting up punishments which involve supposedly funny punishments that might cause harm to the person involved like stuffing faces into cakes, people could make people dance. You get free entertainment and surprise unpacking of talents. Isnโ€™t it a win-win then? Of course it is.

    Wedding Games

    Advice free of cost: Some bakers use sticks to make their double/ triple layered cakes keep standing. Stuffing in peopleโ€™s faces on different occasions such as birthday parties, bachelor parties, and sangeet nights to tease and make fun, many people have fallen prey to losing their senses; some have lost eyes, some bled heavily from their noses. So think twice before you think of such punishments. Be thorough with your research.

    So whenever your hawk eyes are on for the best sangeet choreographers near you, leave your hesitation away and call Beats On Feet right away to discuss the best package for you and avail exciting offers in the complete interest of a fun sangeet night for your upcoming wedding.