As we all know, almost every Indian wedding ceremony involves some dedicated music and dancing so that the spark of the wedding does not subside too soon. While the former entertainment cannot exist without the latter and vice versa, mismatched moves and music tunes also do not please the audience much. That being said, the list of requirements to impress a large audience does not end here. A fair idea of lighting, dressing style, sound, and the areal space of the stage is among other things that are necessary to continue as a wedding choreographer.

Weddings, Wedding Planners, and Wedding Choreographers in Paschim Vihar:

Like anywhere else in India, weddings in West Delhi to are always grand and well planned. In fact, according to listings on, West Delhi has the second-highest number of wedding planners and event management companies after South Delhi in Delhi and NCR which makes the number of wedding choreographers in the region large as well. Now, let’s get back to the title and talk about some specific qualities that good dancers and choreographers should own that make them stand as “the best”.

Here are the five and the most important qualities every choreographer cum dancer must possess:

1. Creativity:

While words fall short to convey what one feels, to express thoughts, ideas, and emotions through mere body movements is a tough job. To do so, choreographers must have the artistic ability and creativity to innovate and create new dance routines.

2. Leadership skills:

Choreographers Not all of us are born dancers and to be able to dance in front of a large number of people on big and special days needs guts and motivation. Here’s why we need the choreographers to have absolute leadership skills so that we never run out of tracks.

3. Persistence:

To be able to have a continued inflow of ideas, interesting concepts, and moves along with consistent determination to not give up, choreographers we hire must have the ability to commit to years of intense practice. Choreographers must keep studying and creating new routines.

4. Physical stamina:

To keep up with long and restless hours of physical activities and to have the strength and patience to keep the students moving, the choreographers must have brilliant physical stamina and excellent balance to stay tuned to their sense of rhythm without falling.

5. Teamwork

Here, people have a firm belief in the saying “More the people up on the stage, better the entertainment”. And hence, most dance performances involve groups of people. So, choreographers must be able to hold them all together and get the best out of each of them at the same time.

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