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“India is my country. All Indian are my brothers and sisters” and hence there are certain things you should keep in mind while being a part of an Indian Wedding Dance Performance. According to Beats On Feet, the best wedding dance choreographer in Model Town, there are four primary mistakes that you MUST AVOID in an Indian wedding dance performance.

Let’s dive into the points stated below and swear to abide by all of them :

1. Drunk dancing

The topmost wedding dance mistake that more than fifty percent of people make is blackout drunk dancing. I get it that it’s a very important day and that liquid encouragement is a must for most of us but. BUT. Trust me too much of it is only going to make you fall, hurt yourself, hurt other people, conceive embarrassment and get the floor dirty. Yes, biologically speaking, too much of boozing and dancing don’t go hand in hand. If you have had experience, I’m sure you don’t wanna let THAT happen in your life ever.

2. Jump Dancing

You see, jump dancing while you are with your friends is a different scenario than jump dancing on an Indian wedding day. First of all, the attires we ought to wear are usually the heavy ones. And secondly, Indian wedding guests are not really big fans of wild jumping. Here, jump dancing is for kids and kid only.

So if jump dancing is your forte or it is something that fascinated you the most and you want your audience to be awestruck, hiring a wedding dance choreographer is a must. And in the complete interest of saving your budget a bit and helping you out with awestruck-ing moves that suits your wedding dance performance, I would definitely suggest you to work with Beat On Feet- wedding dance choreographer in Delhi NCR.

3. No grinding

Remember, you want things to be classy in a family affair. And especially in India, we don’t do grinding in wedding performances. That’s a super big ”NO NO”. And if you dare to go against it anyway, you must dare to face your neighbourhood aunties, our friendly cctv cameras too.

So, either you get your performance choreographed by experts who are going to make things look like a part of your smooth performance or block the thought’s entrance into your mind completely.

4. Attempting tricky moves

Unless you have been practicing under full guidance and unless you have hired the best wedding dance choreographer near you, you don’t want to attempt tricky moves that you have never tried before. I am very sure you don’t want your jaws to be driven apart or twist your ankles before the night ends in a good note.

Stunts in the t.v appear a lot more easier than they actually are.

Now that you know what not to do, make sure you hire the best wedding dance choreographer in Model Town to break the laws.

Wish you a fruitful wedding event that causes you no stress *winks*.