How do I choose the perfect wedding planner and choreographer?

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We know- weddings are hectic and difficult. They are the most important events of your life and the chances are- weddings are the biggest thing you will ever organize! So it takes an incredible amount of time, effort and needless to say- emotions, to plan and execute a wedding. This humongous task could always be made easy by hiring a good wedding planner. But here’s the catch- weddings aren't like other events where everything comes down to good planning and execution. There are people to consider and their expectations. We know it’s impossible to satisfy everyone in a wedding but the idea is to try our best and come close, isn't that right?

Hence, not every wedding planner will get what you want in your wedding. We believe, cuisine and decor are not the most important ingredients of a memorable wedding. What makes a great wedding is the fact that it should reflect your personality and it should be able to narrate the story of your life, your love and your partner without words and on its own. So, we’ve talked to various wedding planning gurus and recently married couples about a list of pointers as to how you can choose the perfect wedding planner for your wedding:

1. Trust, taste and personality:

It is not worthwhile to choose a wedding planner who may be great at what they do but if they aren’t able to reciprocate your emotions and taste regarding the trivialities of the wedding- the final presentation isn't going to come out well. So it’s incredibly important to find a planner with whom you are able to click instantly. Someone who shares a similar idea of what the wedding should be about or maybe- the way they communicate with you about ideas.

2. Portfolio:

Before signing up with a wedding planner, always ensure you have gone through their portfolio and followed their previous work. Ideally, you should have a meeting with the planner and ask relevant questions with respect to their portfolio to understand if your styles and personalities match perfectly!

3. Communication:

It is important to check their availability and the level of commitment they can provide during the time of contract. Ensure that they are prompt in replying to emails and that they are not too engaged in other commitments.

4. Pricing structure:

The pricing structures are different depending on various factors:

  • Number of events to plan
  • Level of detail
  • Areas assigned to work on
  • Venue and size of the wedding

Hence, make sure the pricing structure is well understood and the deliverables are discussed.

Before you rush off to plan your wedding, make note of the following points to hire for a Wedding Planner or Choreographer in East Delhi or West Delhi:

1. Whether they have previous experience with weddings

2. If they are versatile in multiple dance forms and genres

3. Whether they can meet tight deadlines

4. Pricing structure

Moving on, after you have chosen the perfect wedding planner and decided on the execution of the wedding- what is that one thing that is vital to a wedding? We advise you to not lose sight of it amidst the hustle and bustle of wedding planning- your wedding dance and sangeet!

We realise wedding dances are crucial to the memories of a wedding because it brings your loved ones closer and lets your family have a fun filled experience. At the same time, it can be quite difficult to practice on your moves while planning a wedding. But the good thing about hiring a wedding planner is that you now have the time to focus on your dance and hire the best wedding choreographer in Dwarka, Delhi.