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Is your wedding coming up in a month and you have a hard time thinking about the steps to carry with your partner because your body has not moved to a beat since ages? Or is it your best friend’s anniversary that’s stressing you because you and your partner have hardly ever danced to each other? Don’t you worry because Beats On Feet is the perfect couple dance choreographer near you that you need in Delhi.

This talented team of dance lovers cover and prepare you for almost every other occasion that a marriage demands. From breaking a leg in you bachelorette party to taking care of the perfect dance for your reception party, Beats On Feet does everything exclusively for you.

If you’re landing here after searching for couple dance choreographer in Delhi, couple dance choreographer in Pitampura, couple dance choreographer in Noida, couple dance choreographer in Gurgaon or anywhere in and around Delhi, you’ve landed in the correct place for sure as these are our absolute target areas.

We have a special Team Of:

  • Bride & Groom Couple Dance Choreographer
  • Solo Dance Performer
  • Multi-couple Together Choreographer
  • Sangeet Dance Choreographer
  • Wedding Dance Choreographer
  • Bollywood Dance Choreographer
  • Group dance Choreographer

Our team of professionals is known for their punctuality, their dedication towards your need of the hour and their availability as per your proximity demands. If you are looking for the Best Wedding Choreographers in Gurgaon we are here to help you get the best deal in an ideal budget.

The We've always received excellent reviews for our services provided. Besides a proper understanding of the kind of choreography you need, we also help you with backdrop dancers and every other kind of assisting that you need.

Whether it’s about any classical Padmavati dance or it’s on a rocking London Thumakda, we will provide you with full-fledged help to perform it all. We have helped various couples perfect their wedding dance. With a growing number of couples performing dance routines at their own weddings, relatives performing family dances and even grandparents pitching in, good wedding choreographers in Gurgaon can assist you create fond memories for many years to return.

Check us out at different platforms to know what you are signing up for. From Youtube to Instagram to Facebook, we are there in every platform for your easy access and for you to set fire to the stage.


Yes, The company of Beats On Feet - Wedding Choreographer in Delhi situated in Dwarka since 2001 as offering a wide range of wedding choreographers all over India. This is the dance Certified Company Indian based company.
You just call 9667752787 to (Megha) to plan your wedding choreography. She is the founder and planner of events or will suggest your better than all.
At this hard time, we are not thinking about more charges we just giving per song at 1000. You can avail any of song in just 1000/- Contact now.
Yes, we have 4 to 5 teams of wedding Choreography for different-different locations. You can pick of them as per your event/home location.
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