4 dance tips from Beats On Feats to prepare beginners for their Big Day

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After being out there in the field for so many years, we tend to be a little adamant on this particular point: that we are never biased about the dance tips we give out to people. And that we give our whole hearts out in attending the needs of one who isn’t a very big fan of dancing but are ready to do it anyway for their loved one or someone who wants to try it.

So, if you are from Delhi or even its outskirts and have a big day coming up; or say if your search is for “BEST WEDDING DANCE CHOREOGRAPHER NEAR ME” or “CHOREOGRAPHER IN DELHI NCR”, here are 5 dancing tips by Beats On Feet for beginners who have got to rock the stage very soon.

  • Dos and Don’ts before you sign up:
  • Should I have a tiny peek into what it is going to be like? Should I try it myself before trying it out in front of somebody else? I hated it when questions like these pop up in my head before every session. Now, it’s really up to you. But these questions have pros and cons of their own. If you are slightly more confident than the average, you probably won’t be dwelling into sea of thoughts of failures. But if you are anxious, like me, you might tend to give up before you start. Dancing, like everything else, is all about losing yourself into it.

  • What should you wear to your dance session:
  • Don’t outfits always give you that extra bit of worry? But the very first point in dance wear is to know what you are comfortable in. Secondly, have a transparent talk with your choreographer . Tell them what exactly it is that you are looking for and third and the most important point is that, have your practice sessions wearing something similar to what you plan to wear on your performance day.

  • Why choose Beats On Feet as your best wedding dance choreographer:
  • Because we give out the best wedding dance packages at the most affordable price range. And most importantly, we count in everybody as a beginner because we always like to start it from the first step. And the last point, is that our talented and experienced team of experts will always be ready to cater to needs exactly like you want them to.

  • Dos and Don’ts of after dance session:
  • As the saying goes, “not all five fingers are same”. Naturally, we can’t possibly be experts at EVERYTHING. Everything is tough, everything is easy- it differs from person to person. So if you haven’t come to this world dancing and tip-tapping your feet and don’t find it very comforting, be nice to yourself, don’t bother yourself. If you aren’t born tip-tapping your feet and you still gave it a shot, be nice to yourself, you gave your best.

All we care about is that you have the nicest experience. Hire professionals from Near by your residence start serching like the Best Wedding Choreographer Near Me Because the first experience means a lot and affects you in a lot of ways, consciously or unconsciously.