How do I find the best wedding dance choreographer near me?

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Who doesn't love a big fat Indian wedding? The wedding season is here and you might be stressed thinking of all the weddings festivities you need to attend, the number of outfits you need to choose and most importantly- the right moves to practice for the dance floor.

We realize the pressure and responsibility that comes with weddings especially in the ones where you're more than just a guest- may be a relative or a close friend with the bride and groom. In that situation, you are expected to take care of all the arrangements in the wedding and pre-wedding festivities like sangeet and Mehendi.

However, the most important responsibility is to make the right moves at the wedding dance. Because it's always a tough competition between the side of the groom and the bride. And guess what? All the eyes that you can imagine at a wedding will be on you. Hence, it's up to you to decide whether you want to go unprepared and chicken out at the dance floor. But I would have got myself, a wedding dance choreographer near me and turn the heat up a notch in the wedding. Even searching for the renowned Mehendi or sangeet dance choreographers near me will be able to guide you to the perfect song, the perfect moves and also make you understand the kind of dress that you will need to wear while dancing. The following are ways you can ace your look in the wedding dance:

1. Wear modern sorbet colours with glam design elements: Weddings are decorously chaotic. So if you want to enter a wedding and turn heads around, at first sight, you will have increased chances of accomplishing that when you avoid light, sober colours and go all colourful and shiny.

2. Wear a lehenga, gown or Anarkali:While gowns are best suited for receptions and evening ceremonies, a lehenga or Anarkali is what steals the show for an Indian wedding. So if you want to dance to your favourite Bollywood number, a lehenga or Anarkali will make you pull off a filmy look altogether!

3. Wear a lot of accessories: It's not every day that you can wear all your favourite accessories at the same time as it might end up looking over the top. But if it's a wedding, over the top is the only criteria everybody is looking for. So pair your ornate dresses with your favourite heels, hang those golden-silver watches on your wrists and get a pair of sunglasses in case your sangeet is in the day.

Before doing any of it, make sure you hire the best sangeet dance choreographers near me, the Beats On Feet because I vouch for them and because they are going to help you get better for the main performance from the sangeet night itself.

After you've decided with your look, here are things you should look for in wedding choreographers in Delhi:

1. Punctuality: Before signing a deal with the choreographer, always check if they can pull off tough deadlines and are punctual in maintaining rehearsals times.

2. Versatility: wedding choreographers should be well versed in all the popular dance forms and should be able to choreograph according to the genre of music you will be shaking too!

3. Vision: The choreograph should be able to visualize the aesthetic of the wedding and come up with themed performances which are interesting and an elegant sight to behold for every wedding goer.

So, for whoever's wedding, you are going to be in, if you have been googling Beats On Feet or the best sangeet dance choreographers near me and end up reading this, I think you have already found your match. Call us right away to get started with every planning with perfections.