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There goes a saying in almost every Indian’s head for their marriage day, “Shadi ke din agar Shah Ruk ke jaise baahein fehlake nahi nache toh kya shadi, kya pyaar!” meaning love isn’t expressive enough if one doesn’t hold the bride-to-be in the arms like SRK does in DDLJ or in any other romantic Bollywood movies for that matter. Sounds funny but we Indians are serious! Inspired by Bombay and Hollywood we have Bollywood originated in India, stuck to our heads and hearts by birth.

And here’s how and why the Bollywood dance form is the best dance form for your wedding day in India:

1. It’s nostalgic:

Every Indian has grown up watching the Bollywood hits even as old as the 50’s and 60’s. From ‘pyaar kiya toh darna kya’ to ‘London thumakda’, we can dance our hearts out basically on any song. So? Bring it on already!

2. It serves every:

Bollywood and romance have always gone hand in hand. Bonus point is that if you’re a shy one, this extremely expressive genre thus serves your purpose of telling your partner about how you feel in front of the whole world.

4. Language is a matter of emotion:

We all know what importance language holds in correct expression of our thoughts and feelings. So on an important day like that of your marriage it is very important to let your feelings out in a language that everyone understands. Hence Hindi, our national language, hence Bollywood!

To conclude, hiring a bollywood dance choreographer in Delhi or anywhere in India for an occasion as important as your marriage is a must. You don’t want this one day of your life to go offbeat or colorless. Beats On Feet, one of the best wedding dance choreographers based in Delhi thus helps you give out more life to every auspicious moment of your marriage, make it delightful and memorable for everyone out there in addition of taking great care that the couples to be married have the best times of their life. So if you’re in and around Delhi, stop worrying maybe and grab your phones today to hire us to serve you the very best moments, love and wishes!