Tips on how to dance following

“do gaz doori mask hai zaroori”

Ankita Singha | Kliff Technologies | 10,543 views

Oh and how wedding has always been such a major event of our lives ever since a child! In fact, for some, it’s like we know we are getting married when we grow up even before we learn to spell our names. And all those dreams about getting married? They have never been small, have they? Remember how most of us have always had big dreams, bigger planning about our marriage; how we have had lists and plans made in our heads every time we would think of getting married someday?

Well, me being someone brought up in India and having seen all the fun people have in Indian weddings, I had (and still do) lists of everything; lists of people to be invited to my wedding, list of different dresses that I am going to wear in different wedding ceremonies, lists of who would do what, lists of all the fun games people could play; lists of special songs that I, the bride and the groom would like to dance or perform on, and of course of a dramatic and magnificent goodbye. The list goes on you see.

Bonus secret: Me and my best friends have had lists of lists!

And all of these just make me wonder and feel that others (most of us I mean) might just feel the same way about getting married.

But 2020, UGH! The historic year of the pandemic had brought down the bars of expectation about our weddings really low, lower than we could ever think. So many people had dreamt of a perfect wedding planned for 2020, poor souls!

Glad that the year is over but worried that the Covid-19 virus isn’t. It still moves around us like a haunted movie, ready to impose all types of scare-jumps. But this year, I wish all who dreamt of a perfect wedding have a perfect wedding as 2021 hasn’t begun with any lockdown at the least. Even so, there are certain things you still need to take care of, abiding by “do gaz doori, mask hai zaroori”.

(No matter how much it still annoys the soul out of our ears)

Anyway, keeping in mind the daily advice of all those who’ve been working on the front line, let’s jump into how we can still have fun in the weddings to be held while the virus sticks around.

Now, being a firm believer of the saying that it’s only fun memories that makes a person’s day worth more happiness, let’s talk about the most important art forms that we can hold onto even while maintaining social distance.

Wondering what that could be? Well, music and dance of course! But for me to plan and implement everything so perfectly, hiring a wedding dance choreographer near me would be wise. Don’t you think?

Apologies because my nows and wells never seem to end. So much to tell the world, my my!

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