Beyond wedding and dance, avoid being BROzoned on Raksha Bandhan

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We will soon be celebrating Raksha Bandhan and create some sweet memories along with our family, while many of us are looking forward eagerly to this event; there might be many others who might be escaping the day simply because this day poses a risk of them being sent into the brozone by their Crush. If you are one of those who are escaping Raksha Bandhan simply because they are fearful that they might get brozoned on by their Crush then you must follow these steps in order to save yourself from being brozoned:

Make a list of excuses

You must start planning about how would you stay at your home or go to some other place in order to avoid being bro zoned, whatever is your plan you must make a list of excuses in order to support the plan well so that you do not come across any difficulty at the last minute also you can send Rakhi gifts online to your sisters in order to avoid getting out of your house.

Stay in, Stay super safe

This advice has become the motto of the people, everyone is asked to stay in their house in order to be safe from the dangers of the pandemic. On Raksha Bandhan, it becomes really important for you to stay at your house in order to avoid meeting girls who would be willing to tie Rakhi in your hand. So if you want to avoid being bro zoned, just stay in your house and stay super safe from all the girls around.

Avoid answering unknown calls

It might happen that you pick a call of someone whom you like the most buy to your bad luck the girl might ask about your location or about your timing and would offer you a position in that little corner of her heart where she puts the bro zoned guys. If you want to save yourself from getting into this position, you must avoid answering any unknown call or even an unknown call if it is prone to be harmful to you in this regard.

Hide your location from social media

Thanks to the internet and growing services around, Rakhi can be sent through same day rakhi delivery as well. So even if you think that you have survived the day simply because you were not in contact with people, you still cannot be safe from receiving a Rakhi at the last minute. So better switch off your locations on social media such as Instagram or Snapchat and have a peaceful Raksha Bandhan celebration along with your sisters and save yourself from being bro zoned by your crush.

Operate on ghost mode

It would be best to operate on ghost mode on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, if possible then avoid being active on social media. You might click some beautiful photos along with your siblings and cousins, however, you must avoid the Temptation to post them instantly or you may also ask your sisters not to post your photos as they may be visible to the girl you are escaping from or you can hide your story from the possible dangers.

Travel to some other location

If you're doubtful that there is a girl so dedicated to pushing you into the brozone then you must give it your all in planning a great escape by travelling to some other town during the Raksha Bandhan for that day. You can visit your relatives in order to celebrate the festival or you may go for a trip along with your friends or you can find any other excuse in order to save you from being pushed into the brozone

Start ghosting people much before the day

It would be wiser to start ghosting the people much before Raksha Bandhan. Do not be much active on social media or do not step out much of your house or simply do not engage in conversations with such girls whom you like a lot but they might be planning to send you to the brozone, so it would be Highly Effective if you reduce the conversation much before the event and as soon as the danger gets depleted you can start with your conversation again.

You can also send Raksha Bandhan delights to express Rakhi delivery along with the gift that you choose for your siblings.