Brides of Noida go crazy for Manish Malhotra’s trendiest 2021 bridal lehengas!

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To be able to carry, move and dance wearing heavy Indian outfits are amazing. But to think that it’s just another easy everyday task for everyone is probably because you haven’t been the “tomboys” of the society like myself and a lot of others reading this. So you know, being comfortable in Indian outfits such as lehengas, sarees, and mekhla chadars (and other such clothing that I’m not familiar with) wasn’t our cup of tea. But as we grow feminine and the idea of being the bride kicks in at an age, we wish to try all sorts of attires like the rest of you do. Of all, wearing a pretty lehenga someday would be on each of our lists is something I’m sure of. And as always said, practice makes a man perfect. The ones comfortable already have an upper hand in this and the rest of us will get a hold of it. Easy breezy!

Now to dive into the point of the title, if you have been to a wedding in Noida, Delhi, you know the craze for the lehengas there. Especially now when people are finally getting married after the 2020 covid pandemic, the Delhites and the brides from Noida are going crazy about getting one of Manish Malhotra’s most trending 2021 bridal lehengas. Yes! To drop some Bollywood thumkas wearing these breath-taking lehengas has been a dream for most and to put out the best performance on such a special day, hiring the best Wedding dance choreographer in Noida is a must.

(An add-on tip: Weddings in Noida is expensive. The dream lehenga is expensive. But hiring the best wedding choreographer in Noida to get you ready for a priceless performance is very cost-friendly.)

1. Be a sensational bride dancing in 2021 bridal lehengas with frills and ruffles and a trail:

Ruffles and Frills have been of historical importance as the elements used in costume designing. These elements were not only popular in designing beautiful outfits for men and women for different joyous events but also worn by men to war. While the use of these two remained significantly boosted almost throughout the 19th century, the 20th century experienced a fluctuating rise and fall of their use.

And today frills and ruffles are “vintage” and Manish Malhotra’s trending Bridal lehengas with frills/ruffles have been establishing the fact “Old is Gold” in the vicious fields of fashion. This lehenga is perfect for the bridal dance at wedding events such as ring ceremonies. Your choice of songs could be from the vintage-old 90s and you’ll be good to go!

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SOURCE: Manish Malhotra

2. Ever-stylish Embellished Cape Lehenga and romantic Bollywood moves combo:

To be very honest, you don’t want to risk your ankle or this beautiful outfit by moving too fast or dancing your heart out on stage. This would probably be best for a gracious Bollywood couple dance that has become a necessary part of every Indian wedding dance choreography. So if you are planning on wearing this or buying any such piece for your big day, just relax and keep dancing hands-on-hands with your partner in crime.

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3. Chilly or not, Malhotra presents Jacket Style Lehengas for every bride to rock

Are you one of those people who like to carry layered outfits because they are so sassy and classy? If yes, you and I both are going to love the jacket style lehengas by Manish Malhotra. If you have been imagining forever about being that sassy bride dancing on crazy wedding songs on your D-day (just the thought makes my eyes melt) then my friend you shouldn’t ditch on what you want to do.

Grab your favorite glamorous jacket that matches your lehenga and get ready with moves for your wedding playlist!

Jacket lehenga by Manish Malhotra

4. It is the new age of fusion and Mr. Malhotra’s Two-tiered skirt with sequins top bridal wear makes all jaws drop.

All fans of fairy-tales are going to love this bridal lehenga that makes you look like a Disney princess. This one, in particular, would give you the best look for the reception party. Stand there as the princess of your loved one while everyone else adores you from distance.

Manish Malhotra's bridal wear Fashion Stock

5. Plunge Off-Shoulder with bell sleeves and shimmery top lehenga to get the latest bridal look of 2021

This one is for the die-hard fans of the collarbones and necklines. (Meaning the whole world? Of course!) Consider wearing this stylish lehenga with extravagant sleeves for your bridal performance in the upcoming sangeet and make news as the season’s trendiest bride of your region.

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Cheapest Wedding Choreograpohers Noida

Manish Malhotra's bridal wear Fasion Stock

Had too many lehenga styles in your pool to choose from? Well, we have made it easy for you haven’t we? And mind you, not all of us can afford these majestic bridal lehengas but “when there’s a will, there’s a way”. If not from Malhotra, we can always get the styles recreated by our Raju Bhaiya. *winks*

Now go on, get ready with your lehenga, and don’t forget to call Beats On Feet-the best wedding choreographer of Delhi among all others to get you ready for the mind- blowing performance that you have had in mind for so long.