Viable Wedding Dresses: Where to Find Them

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We're frequently asked where to get environmentally friendly wedding gowns, and to be honest, it's a difficult topic. There is no universally agreed-upon definition for sustainable fashion, which makes things difficult - there are many factors to consider, such as the fabric of the garment, its carbon footprint, how much the garment factory worker was paid to produce it, and where it will end up once you've worn it! The good news is that wedding gowns offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make environmentally responsible, ethical, and sustainable choices while looking gorgeous!

What does it mean to wear a wedding gown that is environmentally friendly?

Although there is no precise definition of sustainable fashion, it is reasonable to assume that it involves minimising your clothing's social and environmental effect. As a result, a wide range of bridal gowns may be classified as environmentally friendly. Here are some of the more notable examples:

  • Etsy, Ebay, Adverts, Still White, and more websites sell used wedding gowns.
  • Wedding gowns from the past or repurposed
  • Wedding gowns that are handcrafted, customised, or made-to-measure
  • Bridesmaid gowns rented or borrowed
  • Organically produced wedding gowns
  • Fair Trade textiles were used to create wedding gowns.
  • Fair Trade textiles were used to create wedding gowns.
  • Deadstock or antique textiles are used in wedding gowns.
  • Recycled wedding gowns
  • Natural, plant-based, recyclable, or biodegradable materials are used to create wedding gowns.
  • Wedding gowns produced locally
  • Wedding gowns manufactured by anybody who makes a decent livelihood, i.e. ethical manufacturing
  • Low-waste or zero-waste wedding gowns, i.e. gowns manufactured with low-waste cutting processes.
  • Compostable packaging or carbon neutral shipping are examples of eco-friendly measures used by wedding gown companies.
  • Brides Do Good in London, for example, creates wedding gowns that support charity causes.
  • eco-friendly bridal companies, ethical bridal brands, and sustainable wedding gowns are all words that come to mind when thinking about wedding gowns. IndieBride Sarah Foy Couture Bridal is a bridal gown designer based in Los Angeles, California.

As you can see, there are a plethora of environmentally friendly alternatives available to brides, but this complicates the purchasing process! A Fair Trade gown created by craftsmen in an Australian design studio, for example, checks all the criteria, but if it needs to be delivered by aircraft to a bride in Ireland, the carbon footprint would be significant. While a garment manufactured locally has a lesser environmental effect, your designer may not have access to sustainably produced textiles. There is no such thing as a completely sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly wedding gown (at least not yet! ), but don't let that stop you. It's not about making flawless decisions, but about making better ones in terms of sustainable fashion!

Choosing a Sustainable Wedding Dress: Our Top Tips

Our best piece of advise for finding sustainable wedding gowns is to focus on one aspect of sustainability that is most important to you and begin your search there. Reread the list above and make a note of the bridal gown styles that appeal to you. For some women, this may mean a wedding gown made of plant-based materials that adheres to their vegan values, while others are more concerned with the garment's human effect.

In this case, too, personal style is crucial. Maybe you've always loved antique clothing, or you've always wanted a custom-made garment, or you're the type of fashionista who enjoys taking chances with her wardrobe! Remember that your wedding gown should make you feel at ease and happy to wear it, whether it is sustainable or not.

Be realistic about the type of clothing you want and how much you're prepared to give up for sustainability, and don't be too hard on yourself. You're an extremely conscious consumer if you're reading this feature!

Don't rule out well-known bridal designers simply because their websites don't emphasise sustainability. Because their gowns are created to size, involve the employment of highly experienced seamstresses, and are produced using luxury fabrics, many designer wedding companies score fairly well on the sustainability scale with Wedding Choreographer in Lajpat Nagar. It's always worth asking the employees at a boutique where they're sold, or contacting the company directly for additional information on their policies.

Investigate what's available in your area's bridal stores before going hunting for bridal businesses that expressly promote themselves as sustainable. When compared to the personnel of a high-street store, one of the major benefits of buying at a boutique is that the staff will have considerably more knowledge about the goods they carry. A one-on-one meeting gives you a unique opportunity to learn about their businesses' operations, and there's a high chance you'll find a dress you adore that's ethically created or made from sustainable fibres. Here's a list of some of our favourite Irish bridal stores.

Consider contacting a local wedding dress designer that specialises in bespoke or custom-made gowns. Their gowns will be produced ethically and locally, with a minimal carbon footprint, and the designer should be able to provide you with a variety of fabric options. The cost of a bespoke dress is very dependent on the style and fabrics chosen, however it's worth noting that identical gowns from high-end shops are typically priced similarly.

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