When and how to wear your Indian wedding dress again?

Do still have the Indian wedding dress that you do not use anymore? You can sell it, to enrich your wardrobe with another item, but there are also other ways to wear it again. Our Wedding Choreographer in Rajouri Garden noticed that many brides have kept their wedding dress intact. So we have come up with some ideas to re-use your wedding attire.

Saree: Sarees are usually associated with Indian weddings. The delicate fabrics and intricate embroidery make these clothes perfect for this special day. But what to do after the celebrations with friends and family members? May be you'd like to transform it into something else. If so, here is an idea for this: why not make a unique dress? It's often done because of the softness of these fabrics, but also because it is very economical. For instance, you can use the sari to make a gown, lehenga, jacket, or any long dress. It may seem strange, but it is possible and most importantly comfortable!


ou can wear your traditional lehenga on other occasions such as Diwali, Wedding anniversary, wedding in your family, Karvachauth, or your friend's wedding. You may choose to use the blouse and wear it with a different skirt or may be a saree. Alternatively, you can ditch the blouse and wear a different blouse that goes well with the lehenga.


Remember how you draped the Dupatta during your couple's wedding dance? If you do not want to wear the same Duppatta with your wedding dress then you can wear a simple or different Dupatta that goes well with the motifs of your wedding outfit. Also, you may wear your wedding dress Dupatta with another dress such as a suit, saree, etc. For more ideas, you can transform the dupatta into a long jacket, designer dress, or blouse.

Wedding Gown:

Do you want to look like a bride once again and feel the same emotions on your wedding day? Then go for it! A wedding gown is usually made of soft fabrics, such as satin or silk. There are many ways you can use this type of dress. You may also transform it into another type of garment such as a separate blouse with sleeves, Halter neckline top. Also, you can get the white-colored gown dyed with any other hues of your choice to give it a new look.


If you are not fond of Indian clothing then you can opt to mix and match your wedding suits with different bottoms, Kurti or Dupatta. However, consider that it is important to ensure that the colors of the mix and match combination go well tog ether. You can wear a suit with a long jacket also. In case you want to re-use the Kurti, it is a good idea to make a blouse out of it that you may wear with any matching saree or skirt of your choice. It is the simplest process to reuse your wedding gown. You may choose to go for a top or skirt suit or both. Using this method, you can give your old dresses new styles and looks with matching jackets, blouses, skirts, etc.

When it comes to getting rid of your wedding dress, there is only one thing we recommend: preserving it at all costs! That's why we showed you some fun ways in which you can wear it again if it doesn't fit anymore because you've gained weight since the big day and how to transform an old sari into something pretty and creative! So don't wait any longer and take out your old wedding dress to give a new life to it as suggested by the Wedding Choreographers in Paschim Vihar.