What should children do during summer vacations?

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Summer vacations are the best time when the kids enjoy a lot of activities while sitting at home. Now that the schools have opened and the summer vacations are ahead, there are many things that parents may want their children to do instead of letting the kids sit in front of a TV, Laptop and mobile.

So here is our list of summer vacation ideas to keep your children engaged while they will also learn a thing or two, as shared by a professional Wedding Choreographer in Mayapuri.


Gardening is an inexpensive hobby and for kids, this is going to be an exciting as well as a fun way to learn about plants. Just get a pot or two with soil, sow some seeds, and let your kids water the plant every day. This will help them know how a seed becomes a sapling, and then a fruit-bearing plant. And if you already have a garden then let them do the job on their own.


Kids love to dance and nowadays there are many online and offline dance studios where you can find expert professional Wedding Choreographer in East Delhi. There are many types of dances that you can enroll your children in such as Bollywood dance, folk dance, Zumba, or any other traditional and free-style dance of your type. Dancing if not only good for physical fitness but also for the mental fitness of the children.


If your child love to sing or play any musical instrument then let him enroll in the music classes. There are many institutes and private teachers that teach singing, playing piano, guitar, drums, tabla, etc. which will help the child to concentrate and enhance their building power.


Who can resist going to any hill station or coastal city to beat the hit? There are many places in India and abroad where kids can have fun amidst the snow, sand, beaches, hills, waterfall, and much other scenic beauty that will give you a visual treat. Traveling is a leisure activity where you will have a good time while relaxing away from the hustle-bustle of life.


Painting has always been a fun and easy way to bring out the little artist. There are many coloring books available and a variety of colors that will keep your children engaged and learn the art of colouing. You can also check out online videos where you can find some new ways and tools for coloring.

Art and craft

There are numerous things that you can do when it comes to art and craft such as pot making and coloring, origami and paper fun, quilling, puppet-making, card-making, wall-hanging, decorations, etc. There are many things that you can do when it comes to art and craft.

Learn sports

You can also enroll your children in some sports activities such as swimming, basketball, judo-karate, tennis, football, crickets, and the like.

With these many ideas for kids, we are sure that you are going to have a good time with your kids while they learn and keep themselves engaged. If you have any other idea in mind, do let us know in the comment section.