About us

Learn to fall in love with your partner once more with the wedding choreographer hired from the Beats On Foot team. We work with such choreographers who know the intrinsic value of love, commitment, and relationship. They know the beauty of the life-long companionship said without words between couples and lovers. They know how holy and auspicious each wedding should be celebrated in India.

The dancer or the couple dance choreographer in Gurgaon we assign to your wedding will work from their heart and mind together. At Beats On Foot, you will only find trained and genuinely verified choreographers who have tremendous experience handling couple dances from Bollywood, Salsa, Punjabi, to Waltz, Ballroom dance, and other international numbers.

Your wishes and aspirations for this wedding will be fulfilled. We give you the promise and the guarantee to celebrate your wedding as it should be. Your dance with your spouse will be the best in the history of weddings in India or the way you have set in your mind.

Even if you and your partner are not good dancers, not to worry about that. Our assigned couple dance choreographer In Delhi will make you both comfortable in each other’s space. We know that watching each other dance in each other’s arms will be quite overwhelming, especially if you have invited a lot of family and friends.

But that’s our job and forte. Dance is not only about knowing which moves follows and precedes the other. It’s all about enjoying the moment, letting it all in, and feeling the romance of the lyrics and the music in the air with your partner.


We let you open your heart and mind. The same is for your partner. We help you both in every step and move. We can curate the best dance moves for an entire melody or a single song. It all depends on you and your partner.


Your wedding will have an occasion like a ring ceremony, Haldi, Mehandi, Sangeet, and other core traditional or cultural ones. Many occasions require the couple to be present together.


There are going to be multiple couples at your wedding. Beats On Foot wedding choreographers are helpful and classy enough to create a new dance number for each couple you invite to your wedding. You will only end up giving each couple their new happy and joyous memories to enjoy and feel good about. And each wedding choreographer assigned to your wedding ensures that every couple you want to participate in the dance must learn all the given steps smoothly.