22 Oct

Bollywood dance choreographer in Delhi

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Beats On Feet has the best team of verified choreographers in Delhi. They love to create new ideas and mix the soundtracks to plan new moves like you have never seen before. When you approach us for the best Bollywood dance choreographer in Delhi, you will always be delighted with the choices and experience we render you with.

These choreographers in our team know how to smoothly choreograph a move for everyone in your family. We know that you love Bollywood dance and need an occasion to perform the best foot forward. Our chosen Bollywood choreographers will help out from one shore to another.

23 Oct

couple dance choreographer in Gurgaon

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Learn to fall in love with your partner once more with the wedding choreographer hired from the Beats On Foot team. We work with such choreographers who know the intrinsic value of love, commitment, and relationship. They know the beauty of the life-long companionship said without words between couples and lovers. They know how holy and auspicious each wedding should be celebrated in India.

The dancer or the couple dance choreographer in Gurgaon we assign to your wedding will work from their heart and mind together. At Beats On Foot, you will only find trained and genuinely verified choreographers who have tremendous experience handling couple dances from Bollywood, Salsa, Punjabi, to Waltz, Ballroom dance, and other international numbers.

29 Oct

Modern Benefits Of Arranging The Best Wedding Choreographer In Delhi

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Weddings are rather auspicious in every metro city like Delhi. You can only make it unique by doing something extraordinary. It can include arranging a special event for your spouse or your family during the wedding functions in Delhi.

Hiring the best wedding choreographer in Delhi is one of those alternatives. But before arranging the same person or team, read the perks of their talent and skill below:

An Indian wedding is quite dull without adding songs that make you groove like there is no tomorrow. That is what the best wedding dance choreographer in North Delhi knows. Even when you hire a team of such choreographers, they understand what makes an Indian wedding special.

1 Jan

Wedding Choreography in Gurgaon

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The dance choreographers hired from Beats on Feet know how to prepare amazing and fantastic dance numbers for each wedding. For all your upcoming dance numbers, consult the Beats on Feet dancers. We have an amazing team. They have a passion for Bollywood, Tollywood, Punjabi, Marathi, and other regional songs.

Your search for the perfect wedding dance choreographer in Gurgaon can end at our agency. These choreographers in our team know every wedding is super special. They attend it with you like your family member

You would love the vibe and the jazz brought to all your wedding functions because of the couple dance choreographer in Gurgaon. These choreographers never let the party be dull.

5 Jan


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Isn’t a picture perfect wedding always been every couple’s dream? Especially in a place like South Delhi where everything is so grand and glamorous, where every event HAS TO be more than perfect and glorious, every passing wedding builds the tension about all the marriage elements being perfect, to the next level.

While decoration, flooding, clothing and all kinds of arrangements for different types of ceremonies are to be managed with logistical and certain specifications anyway

Now dance types in Indian weddings can be of any type: from the romantic "dedicated to the my life partner" couple dance to the emotional "ladokibidaayi" by the bride's parents

9 Jan

How to solve issues with Wedding Choreographers in Shahdra?

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Before we talk about the make-belief solutions, let us first dive into the points that one must consider before hiring or even looking out for the best wedding dance choreographers in Shahdra and other not-so-posh areas in and around Delhi:

Out of budget: Not all people can afford costly expenditure on wedding entertainments only, especially during these trying times. But that must not make anybody feel left out or out of place. After all, every marriage must have memories and moments of laughter and love that make them want to relive the moments.

12 Jan


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As we all know, almost every Indian wedding ceremony involves some dedicated music and dancing so that the spark of the wedding does not subside too soon. While the former entertainment cannot exist without the latter and vice versa, mismatched moves and music tunes also do not please the audience much. That being said, the list of requirements to impress a large audience does not end here. A fair idea of lighting, dressing style, sound, and the areal space of the stage is among other things that are necessary to continue as a wedding choreographer.

16 Jan


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There goes a saying in almost every Indian’s head for their marriage day, “Shadi ke din agar Shah Ruk ke jaise baahein fehlake nahi nache toh kya shadi, kya pyaar!” meaning love isn’t expressive enough if one doesn’t hold the bride-to-be in the arms like SRK does in DDLJ or in any other romantic Bollywood movies for that matter. Sounds funny but we Indians are serious! Inspired by Bombay and Hollywood we have Bollywood originated in India, stuck to our heads and hearts by birth.

To conclude, hiring a bollywood dance choreographer in Delhi or anywhere in India for an occasion as important as your marriage is a must. You don’t want this one day of your life to go offbeat or colorless.